“I have never experienced such a team spirit before”

For German-born Maureen Josling, customer service specialist at DACHSER’s branch in Detroit, her workplace is more than a perfect match. Having worked for the company in Germany for more than five years, Josling migrated to the United States in 2014. After pursuing her career stateside in other companies for a few years, she returned to DACHSER and found a piece of home overseas.

For Maureen Josling, customer service specialist at DACHSER in Detroit, the working culture and the atmosphere of open exchange at DACHSER are truly unique.

When talking about her career at DACHSER, Maureen Josling has to distinguish between the time in her home country Germany and her new life in the United States. Having accomplished her apprenticeship at one of the company’s branches in Germany, she developed a passion for air and sea freight early in her working life. Air freight, however, has always stood out. “While every transport mode has its specifics and is fascinating on its own, I believe that many of us in logistics develop a certain passion for a certain carrier. For me, air freight has always been a favorite,” she says.

After migrating to the United States for family reasons in 2014, Maureen Josling settled in the Chicago area and continued her career in air freight with another freight forwarder. Later on, she worked as a headhunter for the logistics industry. When the pandemic started to affect the industry with hiring freezes, it was the right time for her to look for new challenges. Immediately, she found herself at DACHSER’s subsidiary in the United States as a customer service specialist. Being highly familiar with internal processes and the company-own IT solutions such as Othello, she felt herself at home right from the beginning on.

While Josling appreciates many aspects of her workplace, team work at DACHSER has always stood out. “Having worked for several logistics companies, I can certainly say our way of collaboration is truly unique. In fact, I have never experienced such a team spirit before. No matter whether it is in our own office or when interacting with colleagues from abroad and overseas, we all share the same values and a work culture that is dominated by open exchange.”

Customer centricity as a key principle

Working as a customer service specialist at DACHSER’s branch in Detroit, Maureen Josling is handling important national and international key account customers on a regular basis and acts as an interface between the client and operations. Many of them are from the automotive sector, a major industry in the Detroit metropolitan area. As being close to the customer is always in focus, handling client requests in the most effective and customer-oriented way dominates Josling’s everyday work. Looking back on her previous experience in logistics, she believes that the structure of DACHSER’s customer service is unique in the industry as well.”

At DACHSER, the customer has its own contact person for all matters. This way, we can answer all customer needs directly and offer a holistic, personal approach. Even here, our identity as a family business is reflected in every regard,” she says. With almost eight years of experience in the company on two different continents, customers can be certain to have the right point of contact with Maureen Josling.

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