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News 08/14/2019
DACHSER at USC Marshall's 7th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit

The Summit took place August 8-9, 2019 at the USC Campus in Los Angeles, CA. DACHSER USA was present with a booth on the exhibition floor and Guido Gries, Managing Director DACHSER Americas participated as a speaker on the "Global Trade and Economic Outlook Plenary" panel.

Market Information 08/13/2019
Flights cancelled due to demonstration in Hong Kong International Airport

There is a massive demonstration taking place at Hong Kong International Airport on Monday, August 12.

The aviation authorities announced that all remaining flights out of Hong Kong after 4pm local time on Monday are cancelled. According to the airport authority, operations are seriously disrupted by the public assembly.

Road transportation to the airport is also experiencing heavy traffic and there might be possible road closures.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you have urgent shipment please get in touch with your DACHSER representatives.

Market Information 08/12/2019
Typhoon Lekima causes service disruptions in East Asia

Super typhoon Lekima has brought major impact to the northern part of Taiwan and the eastern coast of China since August 9, local time.

Lekima made landfall near Shanghai in the early morning on August 10. Over the weekend, the storm brought heavy downpours, strong winds, flooding and landslides to coastal areas of seven provinces in China from Fujian to Jiangsu, including Shanghai city.

While some of the affected areas are still suffering from heavy rains and flooding, land transportation is disrupted. At the same time, seaport operations are disrupted and hundreds of flights are postponed or cancelled. Please expect shipment delays due to the adverse weather conditions.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you have any questions, please contact your local DACHSER representatives.

Market Information 07/31/2019
Possible service delay in Hong Kong due to Typhoon

Typhoon Wipha is approaching the South China Coast on Wednesday afternoon local time, July 31, bringing heavy rains and strong winds to the region. Port operations as well as local pick-ups and deliveries might be suspended if the weather conditions worsen. 

DACHSER branches in Hong Kong might be closed according to the weather warnings issued by the local government.

Please get in touch with your DACHSER contact to know more about the current situation and potential service disruptions due to the storm.

News 07/18/2019
Your seamless connection from Europe

When it comes to worldwide logistics, mastering cross-continental processes to seamlessly connect your suppliers and markets is key to success. Within interlocked networks, DACHSER offers a holistic approach reaching even the most remote areas to provide you with effective supply chain solutions.

News 07/17/2019
DACHSER Rail Services between Europe and Asia

Global logistics provider DACHSER offers an alternative to air and sea freight optimized for time and cost. DACHSER Rail Services use the “New Silk Road” and the trans-Siberian route to connect China and Europe’s key economic locations.

News 06/18/2019
Spotlight on Generation Z

They were born around the turn of the millennium and grew up with digitalization. Generation Z has been making its way into logistics for some time now—and DACHSER is no exception. What expectations do members of this generation have? Of themselves, their work environment, their future? We’ve compiled some answers to these questions.

News 06/14/2019
The new DACHSER magazine is here!

Nothing would work in logistics without the people in the office, in the truck, in the transit terminal, and in the warehouse.

News 06/14/2019
DACHSER strengthens presence in Bangladesh

The logistics service provider is investing in its South Asian network in order to meet the growing demand on the Bangladeshi market. 

News 03/27/2019
DACHSER tests natural gas powered trucks under real conditions

Results from Karlsruhe reveal that liquefied natural gas (LNG) can offer an alternative to diesel even for long-haul routes. But only provided the filling station network is expanded.

News 03/19/2019
A breath of fresh air

Offices, hospitals, even aboard the International Space Station and the Mars rover: clean air is in demand everywhere. Camfil supplies smart filter solutions to achieve optimum indoor air quality. And when it comes to achieving flexibility in the warehouse and optimizing data communication, DACHSER has the answers.

News 02/25/2019
DACHSER Sweden transports spare parts for Volvo Cars

DACHSER now manages the transportation of Volvo Cars’ spare parts from Torslanda outside Gothenburg to DACHSER in Gothenburg and further to Volvo Cars’ various warehouses in Germany. The two mega trailers are a new investment at the Gothenburg branch within the Swedish DACHSER network.

News 11/02/2018
DACHSER offers air freight charters for peak season again

This year, the logistics provider will be organizing charter flights for the Frankfurt—Shanghai—Frankfurt route again, thus offering customers in central Europe and China weekly round trips during air freight’s peak season.

News 06/20/2018
Vietnam - A key hub for global trade

Off to South East Asia: In Vietnam, globalization is once again gathering speed.

Jean Cassiot, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Vietnam, explains how DACHSER is building bridges from Vietnam to markets in the West and throughout Asia.

News 05/23/2018
DACHSER now at 100 percent in Chile

In April, DACHSER acquired all the shares in its Chilean subsidiary. The logistics provider had entered the Chilean market in 2009 as part of a joint venture.

News 05/16/2018
Logistics on a grand scale

When an entire production facility is moved from one continent to another, experts are needed along with their wide-ranging experience. And sometimes even nerves of steel.