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News 07/06/2020
King Willem-Alexander visits DACHSER in Waddinxveen

Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, visited DACHSER in Waddinxveen on July 1. During a tour of the branch and subsequent discussion sessions, he was thoroughly briefed on the topic of education and training in companies and how to ensure that it continues, especially in times of crisis.

Market Information 07/01/2020
End of the Brexit transition phase: What next?

The deadline for an extension of the Brexit negotiations and thus a longer transitional phase has expired. This has increased the pressure to reach an agreement on future relations between Britain and the EU by the end of the year.

We would like to point out to our customers once again that the arrangements for customs powers of attorney on the part of our customers are particularly important for DACHSER's customs clearance.

Please get in touch with your local DACHSER contact if you have any questions about this. Our experts can help you in any case.

News 06/30/2020
USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement)

The USMCA enters in effect from July 1, 2020. For merchandise entered into commerce ON OR before June 30,, the NAFTA rules will continue to apply.

Market Information 06/24/2020
Emissions calculations with DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics

For several years now, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics has been compiling so-called carbon footprints (calculation of the CO₂ balance sheet) of freight transports and summarizing the individual transport-related calculations in emissions reports. The preparation of these reports is a value-added service offered to DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics customers worldwide and is tailored to the individual needs of the customer. In general, primary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and various air pollutants can be calculated at consignment level. This can also be broken down to individual transport sections. In this way, transport-related carbon footprints can be calculated for complete transport chains, including the pre-carriage, main carriage and onward carriage.

DACHSER uses an emissions calculator for the calculations, which meets all the requirements of the European standard for calculating greenhouse gas emissions from passenger and goods transport (EN 16258). Another advantage of the emissions calculator is that the calculation processes are automated via an XML interface to our Othello transport management system. This allows the emission reports to be generated completely automatically.

In general, the emission calculation in the first step serves to determine the primary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants emitted by transports. However, this information is essential for deriving necessary measures to reduce emissions. Therefore, in addition to the pure calculations, it is also important to be able to provide our customers with further bases for decisions on emission reduction. For this reason, customers receive simulated calculations of alternative means of transport and bundling strategies on request.

In addition to a comparison of the classic means of transport by air and sea, the alternative of rail transport (see DACHSER Rail Services) is also highlighted for customers. 

If you have any questions about our emissions calculator, please contact your DACHSER contact person.

News 06/16/2020
Introducing DACHSER Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a modern country in the heart of Europe which has a rich cultural and historical heritage. DACHSER provides comprehensive road, air and sea logistics services in its eight branches in the Czech Republic.

News 06/10/2020
“The trick is to establish robust supply networks”

What are the lessons of the current crisis? Bernhard Simon, CEO of DACHSER, on the future of global goods flows.

News 06/09/2020
Two-dimensional codes – A look at future technologies

What are two-dimensional codes actually about? And what benefits do these codes offer specifically for logistics?

News 06/09/2020
Offering new prospects and a future

Logistics provider DACHSER has joined forces with children’s aid organization terre des hommes to work on projects in Brazil as well. There, the focus is on a subproject called “Children’s rights create the future,” which has been running successfully since 2015 at the CEDECA children’s rights center in Limeira, a troubled city in the federal state of São Paulo close to the metropolitan region of Campinas, which is home to millions of people.

News 06/09/2020
“Suddenly seen as everyday heroes”

Truck drivers are “essential workers” and are keeping the supply chains running reliably—even in times of crisis. A driver’s working life is pretty challenging at present, but there are positives too.  An interview with driver and fleet manager Christian Ludwig and Jürgen Schneider, inbound and short-distance transport manager at DACHSER in Memmingen.

News 06/08/2020
DACHSER organizes first direct charter flight from China to Spain

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics arranged for medical equipment to be transported from Asia to Spain at the end of May. This was the first flight from China to Madrid since the beginning of charter activities during the coronavirus pandemic.

News 06/05/2020
Bonding through values

DACHSER stands for a close, family-like bond among all employees. A set of core values forms the company’s DNA. And not only on paper: DACHSER values are part of everyday life with the company and are practiced as a matter of course. All around the world.

News 06/04/2020
The new DACHSER magazine is here!

“A key part of the process – People in logistics.” This is the theme of the latest issue of the DACHSER magazine.

News 05/28/2020
Introducing DACHSER Poland

DACHSER has been operating in Poland since 2006. Over the years DACHSER Poland has achieved the position of one of the leading players on the domestic logistics market. The business activity of DACHSER in Poland is based on the international transport of general cargo – by road, air and sea, as well as contract logistics. The operator in Poland also provides industry solutions: DACHSER DIY Logistics and DACHSER Chem-Logistics.

News 05/19/2020
Introducing DACHSER Argentina

Since 2013, DACHSER Argentina has developed into one of the leading players in the local logistics market for air and sea transports in Argentina.

News 05/19/2020
DACHSER continues charter flights in May

In addition to charters between Asia and Europe, the logistics provider will organize further transpacific flights to cover the North and South American markets. One such change is the addition of the new Shanghai—Los Angeles route.

Market Information 05/12/2020
Latest update on DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics operations

With this update DACHSER would like to inform about the current DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics operations across the regions APAC, EMEA and Americas. In the attached document (see download below) it is listed whether a country organization of DACHSER is operational or, if only limited or not at all, why this is the case. Since the situation in the countries may change rapidly, the attached document will be updated on a regular basis and published on our website.

We sincerely regret any inconveniences caused to our customers due to the pandemic. At DACHSER, we have contingency measures in place and will offer our customers the best alternative solutions to keep the supply chain running. Anyhow, the situation at ports, airports or customs authorities might cause delays. Furthermore, the capacity situation on the global airfreight market is very tense as there are basically no passenger flights operating at the moment.

At the same time, DACHSER has installed strict hygiene measures (e.g. home office) to ensure a safe working environment and to do our part in stopping the spread of the virus. DACHSER is trying to keep the impact of these measures as low as possible, however, together with the official measures by the governments, the precautions may lead to some delays in the operations.

In case of any questions and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.