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Synfuels: A beacon of hope or a dead end?

From time to time, the debate over synfuels flares up in discussions on climate action in the transportation sector. Some see synthetically produced fuels as a valuable technology of the future, while others describe them as uneconomical and absurd.

Dedicated to fashion

The fashion world is fast-paced, seasonal, global—and increasingly sustainable. When garments arrive at fashion stores, they have to be pristine, wrinkle-free, and on time. A challenge the DACHSER Fashion Logistics industry solution is happy to take on.

Golden Week 2023 in China

During September 29 and October 06, 2023, most businesses and factories in the People's Republic of China will be closed. The week-long holiday in one of the world’s most important economies poses an impact to international supply chains. Start to prepare now to minimize possible disruptions.

Growing with the opportunities

Economic growth is stagnating or even declining in many places, but in the Asia Pacific region, it is surprisingly strong. DACHSER is strongly expanding its network there for customers from all over the world.

DACHSER and FERCAM strengthen groupage and contract logistics business in Italy

FERCAM is set to transfer its Distribution (groupage) and Logistics (contract logistics) divisions to a joint venture with DACHSER under the name “DACHSER & FERCAM Italia S.r.l.”. DACHSER’s 80 percent share in the new venture strengthens and rounds off its European network. The transfer of control is still subject to approval by the relevant competition authorities.

Programming the future

By enabling transparent processes, real-time shipment tracking, short response times, and precision control of supply chains across countries and continents, digitalization is taking logistics services at DACHSER to a new level. What does that mean for the DACHSER network? And what quantifiable benefits does IT offer customers? These are the questions we put to DACHSER CEO Burkhard Eling and CDO Stefan Hohm.

DACHSER USA reorganizes management in the Northeastern United States

DACHSER has appointed a new general manager for its branches in the Northeastern United States. With Andreas Kayser, an experienced logistics manager is responsible for the branches in New York, Boston and Baltimore since August 1, 2023. Additionally, Robert Crimmins has been appointed branch manager for DACHSER’s location in Boston and is steering DACHSER's representation in Massachusetts since mid-July.

First DACHSER Contract Logistics warehouse in the Midwestern United States celebrates one-year anniversary

July 1, 2023, has marked the one-year anniversary of the first Contract Logistics warehouse of DACHSER in Chicago. Although the logistics provider has been present with own warehouses in several regions of the United States for many years, the location in Chicago is the company’s first Contract Logistics facility in the Midwestern US.

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Experts estimate that digital connectivity will reach a data volume of 400 trillion gigabytes as early as 2030. Whether or not that happens, one thing’s for sure: data collection and processing are increasingly determining and changing the way we live and work. And one other thing is true: handling data responsibly makes life easier and offers many opportunities. Especially in logistics.

DACHSER announces twelve more zero-emission delivery areas in Europe

DACHSER is significantly expanding its emission-free delivery of non-chilled groupage shipments to defined downtown areas across Europe. By the end of 2025, the logistics provider plans to launch DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery in twelve more European cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Hamburg, Cologne, London, Malaga, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Toulouse, Warsaw, and Vienna. In addition, the company will expand its existing zero-emission delivery area in Paris.

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