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Press Release 23.11.2020
New DACHSER branch in Finland begins operations

DACHSER recently began operations at a new logistics terminal in Finland. In opening its first cross-dock facility in Kerava in the greater Helsinki region, the logistics provider is expanding its services on the Finnish market.

Market Information 23.11.2020
APAC countries signed world's largest free trade agreement

On November 15, 2020, leaders from 15 Asia Pacific nations came to an agreement to form a free trade bloc under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). The agreement is intended to facilitate trades among the member countries by removing tariffs and stimulate the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

News 17.11.2020
“When it comes to Brexit, many companies have their head in the sand”

The Brexit is complete and the transition phase will be history in a few weeks. No matter what agreements the EU and Great Britain may reach in the short term, January 1, 2021 will mean a deep cut for the movement of goods to and from Great Britain. Steffen Wiese, Head of Sales, European Logistics, North Central Europe at DACHSER, explains what companies urgently need to bear in mind and why some of them even run the risk of oversleeping the preparations.

News 11.11.2020
For a sustainable society: More and more NGOs are taking action around the world

In the course of globalization, internationally networked non-governmental organizations or NGOs are playing an increasingly important role. DACHSER’s partnership with children’s aid organization terre des hommes demonstrates how a company can support an NGO over the long term.

Press Release 09.11.2020
Dachser USA introduces dedicated customer solutions desk to guide customers through unprecedented disruption during key holiday shopping season

As the U.S. economy cautiously phases into reopening and the holiday season kicks off, retailers are wondering how to navigate the unprecedented disruption and capacity challenges that are dramatically impacting the supply chain, especially on the west coast. 

News 04.11.2020
Introducing DACHSER Portugal

Currently, in Portugal, DACHSER has 218 employees distributed in 7 locations and is present through its business line DACHSER European Logistics, dedicated to land transport and comprehensive logistics solutions, and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics, focused on air transport and maritime.

News 04.11.2020
Craft food trend requires suitable logistics concepts

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the demand for craft food has increased significantly. Throughout Europe, more and more consumers are attaching importance to sustainably produced food, produced in small manufactories and not by large industrial companies. A trend that requires dedicated logistics experts.

News 03.11.2020
Outstanding: DACHSER wins the One Eaton Supplier Premier Award 2020

The award for best transport partner was presented during the Eaton Virtual Global SCM Supplier Conference.

News 30.10.2020
USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management announces DACHSER as the winner of the 3PL Excellence Award 2020

The award was co-presented by Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach on October 14th 2020, during the 8th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit that took place online this year. 

Press Release 30.10.2020
Dachser Brazil transports entire asphalt manufacturing facility from Brazil to the Virgin Islands

Dachser Brazil just completed another project cargo from Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul to the Virgin Islands - an archipelago located in the Caribbean. 

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