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Press Release 04.03.2021
DACHSER USA Launches New LCL expedited  service from China to USA

DACHSER USA, a subsidiary of the leading global logistics provider DACHSER, announces a new LCL (less than container load) service that offers reliable, direct ocean freight from China to the USA.

Press Release 02.03.2021
Women in Logistics growing in ranks at Dachser Americas

Dachser Americas, a subsidiary of global logistics provider Dachser, proudly announces more than 57 percent of its workforce is comprised of women even while the supply chain and logistics profession continues to be dominated by men.

Market Information 24.02.2021
Properly placed - Storage space at DACHSER

Do you currently have a need for storage capacity or are you facing other logistical challenges? Benefit from a holistic, industry-specific concept that is tailored to your individual needs. 

The intelligent combination of efficient warehousing, global transport networks and customer-specific value-added services in all stages of the supply chain results in a service portfolio that meets your requirements. As one of the leading logistics service providers, we are represented in the most important procurement and sales markets. Our tightly woven network ensures rapid procurement and distribution far into the regions. Intercontinental connections are provided by DACHSER's global air and sea freight network. Our globally uniform standards and innovative IT systems developed in-house ensure smooth interaction and reliable execution of all processes. Integrated logistics solutions, global presence and our many years of experience distinguish us as a strong logistics partner at your side.

Our local and national experts will be happy to provide you with further information. Contact us at:

Press Release 22.02.2021
Dachser USA Expands Dedicated Europe – US Air Cargo Service With Additional Weekday Flight

Responding to increased demand for air freight transport options out of Europe, Dachser USA, a subsidiary of the global logistics provider Dachser, is expanding its dedicated Frankfurt-Chicago air cargo service with the addition of a second flight, scheduled for the weekday to compliment the current weekend schedule.

Press Release 16.02.2021
DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics reorganizes regional management

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics (ASL) has reorganized the management of its business units in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and Americas regions.

News 15.02.2021
Vive la chimie: Ten years of DACHSER Chem-Logistics in France

Chemical products are everywhere in everyday life: soaps and laundry detergents, cosmetics, paints and inks, and even glues and adhesives. Then there are fine and special chemicals. They all play a key role for France, which in terms of revenue has Europe’s second-largest chemical industry. “Vive la chimie” also applies to DACHSER Chem-Logistics, which was celebrating ten years in France last year. In that time, the industry solution has secured a strong position in the groupage transport market for France’s chemical industry.

News 09.02.2021
“Things just clicked”

Burkhard Eling became the new CEO of DACHSER on January 1, 2021. Previously, he was responsible for the finance department of the family-owned company for more than seven years. However, Eling is a manager who thinks strategically and far beyond key financial figures, as demonstrated by his responsibility for the global ideas and innovation management program Idea2net, among other things. In this interview, the 49-year-old answers questions about how he sees DACHSER, his move to the top of the company now, and what distinguishes him as a person and a leader.

News 08.02.2021
A crane for Southeast Asia

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics aided efforts to repair a crane in Indonesia by organizing the tour of a steel jib from Düsseldorf to Jakarta. Measuring 23 meters in length and 3.6 meters in width, the jib spent most of its 55-day trip on board a ship.

Press Release 05.02.2021
Dachser México Transports Critical Automotive Supplies Via Helicopter Averting Costly $3,000-A-Minute Work Stoppage Fees For Customer

Dachser México, a subsidiary of global logistics provider Dachser, recently leveraged its Critical Cargo service to develop an out-of-the-box solution to move critical automotive supplies 255 miles in four and a half hours in an effort to avoid a $3,000 (USD)-a-minute production line work stoppage for its customer.

News 27.01.2021
"Preserving the good, increasing agility"

Burkhard Eling has been at the helm of family-owned DACHSER as CEO since January 1. He also marks the start of the next generation on the Executive Board. Burkhard Eling on a strong team and upcoming challenges.

Brexit: What remains to be considered

Our Brexit project team has set the course for a functioning and secure logistics network to and from the UK.

Many companies, that depend on the smooth transport of their products, now have to do their Brexit homework to keep their goods moving: Find all the relevant information by clicking on the link below.


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