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News 15.10.2020
Greek specialties just in time

When the Coronavirus pandemic brought the catering industry to a standstill, but demand in the retail sector rose extensively, Apostel, a producer of fresh produce, had to rethink its production and supply chain at one go. But with its logistics partner DACHSER, the Hanover-based company was always able to deliver.

News 15.10.2020
An ideal fit

In the spring, DACHSER joined forces with an experienced workwear manufacturer to launch a new collection for logistics operatives and drivers. It combines functionality, comfort, and safety with typical DACHSER style.

News 15.10.2020
"The strong alliance in logistics will continue to defy Corona"

Working hand in hand with customers and service partners to keep the supply chains running and to be able to rely on each other even in times of need - for Bernhard Simon, CEO of DACHSER, this is essential for autumn business in times of Corona.

News 14.10.2020
A passion for Logistics

Donna Walters has worked for DACHSER USA in New York for 30 years. For this key account specialist, people are always at the heart of logistics.

News 14.10.2020
Thinking local, not global? Supply Chains in flux

Supply chains are undergoing a dramatic transformation. Many companies are considering bringing at least some of their manufacturing operations closer to the countries where they sell their products. The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t the only reason behind this trend, but it’s certainly spurring it on.

News 14.10.2020
DACHSER to offer charters again for peak season

To create additional capacity during the peak season in the fall, logistics provider DACHSER is once again offering a premium flight between Asia and Europe. Starting in mid-October, the charter will fly the Frankfurt–Shanghai–Frankfurt route once a week.

Press Release 09.10.2020
DACHSER to launch emission-free delivery in Freiburg

Fuso eCanters, StreetScooters, and cargo bikes—with this all-electric vehicle mix, DACHSER will be making all its deliveries to the heart of downtown Freiburg emission-free as of today. Taking transportation as a whole, this new service reduces CO2 emissions per shipment by 26 percent.

Press Release 08.10.2020
Dachser Argentina Introduces Automotive Desk

Dachser Argentina, a subsidiary of the global logistics provider Dachser, announced the launch of its Automotive Desk this month. Offering dedicated customer service teams that are trained to address the complex, time-critical global logistics challenges of the automotive industry, the Automotive Desk will be housed in Dachser’s Mendoza sales facility, which opened earlier in the year.

News 06.10.2020
On quiet wheels

For lower emissions and calmer roads: over the next three years, ABT e-Line is set to convert up to 20,000 Volkswagen Caddy and Transporter vehicles to electric drive. DACHSER will handle procurement, storage, and production supplies for the requisite electric components.

News 06.10.2020
Pallets in balance

They are a key player in the flow of goods across Europe: euro pallets. Balancing the demand and availability of pallets throughout Europe is becoming an increasingly complex challenge. Jens Müller, Head of Network Management Organization at DACHSER, explains how DACHSER deals with this.

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