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Press Release 09.06.2021
From the bean to the cup: DACHSER Supports Brazilian Coffee Imports as U.S. Demand Grows During Covid-19 Pandemic

A recent study from the National Coffee Association indicates that COVID-19 is driving record-breaking coffee consumption in the United States and it is turning to its principal coffee trading partner, Brazil to meet the increased demand.  

Press Release 09.06.2021
DACHSER Mexico deepens trade partnership with Brazil with new LCL service

In response to increased demand for less-than-container load (LCL) services, DACHSER Mexico announces a new LCL service between the port of Altamira, Mexico and the port of Santos, Brazil.

Press Release 09.06.2021
DACHSER Brazil joins IATA's local top ten in air exports

It is the second time that DACHSER ranks within this list, now in the ninth position.

Market Information 02.06.2021
Operational disruptions at the port of Hamburg cause backlogs

With this update, DACHSER would like to inform you that port operations in Hamburg are currently affected in their flow due to various factors.

Press Release 28.05.2021
DACHSER supports the well-established commercial partnership between Mexico and Brazil

Industries and companies that depend on the import and export of products are constantly looking for the best option for the freight of their goods. Today, there are three main ways to carry out this transcontinental service: air transport on cargo and commercial airplanes if the focus is on fast delivery; maritime transport FCL (Full Container Load), carried out when the exporter has a sufficient load to fill a full container; and LCL (Less than Container Load), when different companies share a marine container and the amount paid, bearing only the costs of the space used.

Press Release 27.05.2021
DACHSER focuses on more loading space

Since April 2021, DACHSER has opted exclusively for so-called ‘mega trailers’ when purchasing new semi-trailers in Germany. Because of their more generous cargo space dimensions - with otherwise the same length and width - the mega trailers achieve better fuel economy than standard semi-trailers, especially over long distances. Full conversion of the German fleet is scheduled to be completed by 2027, with some 680 new mega trailers in total. In the next few years, DACHSER will also start replacing its fleets in the 24 other European countries where it is represented through its European Logistics business line.

Press Release 18.05.2021
The logistics of marble

From ancient Greek halls and temples to nowadays’ magnificent staircases and imposing ballrooms, marble has been used for almost 5,000 years in man-made constructions.

Due to its widespread use around the world, attention is needed not only in its extraction, but also in its transportation, since the improper movement can jeopardize the material’s integrity and delivery time, mainly due to its extraordinarily heavy weight.

Press Release 18.05.2021
From coffee plantations to steaming pots and cups: the coffee route from Brazil to the world

Coffee has its origin dated around 575 A.D., on the African continent, specifically in the Ethiopian region. Historical reports state that in 1727, the Portuguese Francisco de Mello Palheta, coming from the French Guiana, brought the first coffee seedlings to Brazil and thus began the Brazilian production and consumption of the magical drink.

Brazil exported in 2019, 4 million bags of roasted coffee, according to data from ABIC. But it is the export of raw coffee beans in which Brazil has the international lead and which makes it the largest coffee exporter in the world. According to the Council of Coffee Exporters in Brazil (Cecafé), Brazil exported 3,077,476 bags of 60 kg. each in January 2021 alone.

Currently, the shipping ports located in Santos (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Vitória (ES), Paranaguá (PR), and Salvador (BA) are the main export locations for coffee, with the port of Santos (SP) taking the lead.

Press Release 18.05.2021
DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics expands CEIV Pharma certified network to include Shanghai

In March 2021, DACHSER received the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for its Shanghai organization including its PVG airport branch.

News 17.05.2021
“A high degree of stability and reliability”

Even if concrete forecasts are currently difficult, there is cause for cautious optimism. CEO Burkhard Eling on initial trends and an outlook for 2021.

Brexit: What remains to be considered

Our Brexit project team has set the course for a functioning and secure logistics network to and from the UK.

Many companies, that depend on the smooth transport of their products, now have to do their Brexit homework to keep their goods moving: Find all the relevant information by clicking on the link below.


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