National strike in France

The call for a National strike action on December 5, 2019 – raised last September is unfortunately still happening and, this Thursday, might become a “black Thursday”.

Unions, either trade or corporation, together with the “gilets jaunes” will demonstrate all over the national territory.

The protest movement becomes wider and wider and heavy disruptions are expected to interfere with transport and logistic activities: pick-up and delivery might be postponed and even cancelled.

Below are the main impacts on air, sea and rail activities:

  • Terminals in Le Havre, Fos sur Mer and Strasbourg shall be closed with no in (import) and out (export) movements on December 5th
  • Pick-up and delivery by barge or rail should be also very difficult
  • Air controllers have given a strike notice from December 5th up to December 7th, which may impact short and medium-haul flights and some of the long-haul flights al well, if the strike continues
  • Some unions representing the ground handling workers have also called for a renewable strike action from December 5th, and shipments might not be handled in time to catch the flights booked
  • Railway unions are also part of the protest.

Generally speaking, the pick-up and/or delivery of any shipment planned this week might be delayed or even postponed: road accesses to the main cities, as well as to both ports and airports might be blocked.

Rest assured that our operational teams will do their best to minimize the effects of this day and keep you posted on a regular basis of any development – bearing in mind that no boarding or uplifting guarantee will be given.

Please reach your usual contacts for a close follow up or for any question you may have.

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