DACHSER Peru adds enhanced last-mile services and customs brokerage to its air and sea logistics services portfolio

Expansion demonstrates commitment to innovative end-to-end solutions as customers face complex supply chain challenges

DACHSER Peru, a subsidiary of global logistics provider DACHSER, is strengthening its last-mile services and customs brokerage, complementing its air and sea logistics service portfolio. As Peru’s economy and international trade continue to grow and customers face increasingly complex supply chain challenges, DACHSER Peru understands the importance of delivering innovative end-to-end logistics services that streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Holistic service offering to complete air and sea logistics service portfolio
Holistic service offering to complete air and sea logistics service portfolio

According to a recent economics report, Peru's economy has grown 58.49% year-on-year in April of 2021, following an 18.21% expansion in the previous month. The fastest-growing pace ever recorded, this growth is supported by strength throughout most sectors of the economy. Along with a strong economy is a 14.9% increase in international trade of Peruvian goods in the first quarter of 2021.

Our Peru-based customers are seeing their businesses thrive as the country’s economy remains strong and international trade continues to grow. To maximize this opportunity, they turn to DACHSER Peru as an experienced logistics partner to help them tackle complex challenges throughout their supply chain.

Ralph Riehl, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Americas at DACHSER

“To empower our customers to build their businesses, enhance efficiency and streamline operations, we continue to expand our portfolio of  high-quality services.” 

DACHSER Peru recognizes that supply chains do not end at the port; last-mile and custom brokerage services are important tools for port-to-door delivery. By offering services that simplify the process with a single-point-of-contact approach, customers experience the ease and convenience of working with one company for all logistics needs—including last mile, customs brokerage, air and ocean transport, ground transportation services, and more.

Enhancements to DACHSER Peru’s offerings include:

  • Last-mile services: With DACHSER Peru, customers can expect fast, accurate deliveries and enhanced visibility. With a single point of contact, customers are supported by dedicated experts providing reliability, security and expertise. At DACHSER Peru, customers can expect integrated solutions throughout their supply chains, including the first, middle and last miles of their shipments.
  • Customs Brokerage services: By working with DACHSER Peru’s experts, customers can improve efficiency and reduce time delays by leveraging its customs brokerage services. The DACHSER Peru team will help manage shipments and ensure any problems are resolved quickly.
  • Air and Sea transportation: DACHSER Peru offers robust options for air and sea logistics worldwide, both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL). DACHSER´s global logistics network enables customers to connect to markets throughout the world. Organizing all pre- and onward carriage of  sea freight, DACHSER Peru ensures maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness at every stage. For air cargo options, DACHSER Peru offers direct and charter services as full and part load shipments, as well as express and courier services. Operating at strategically placed gateway locations, DACHSER provides effective and efficient freight services and works exclusively with reliable, high-performance airlines that meet high quality standards.

“DACHSER Peru understands that customers require a holistic approach to their supply chain challenges and our comprehensive suite of services ensures their cargo moves swiftly to, from and within Peru,” said Mr. Riehl.  “Offering customers, a strong logistics solutions portfolio demonstrates DACHSER Peru’s continued commitment to growth in the region.”

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