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Dachser takes first place in Tetra Pak's logistical efficiency award for the seventh consecutive month

Classification in the “Immediate Shipments” category recognizes the company's agility, highlighting it as the fastest among the brand's suppliers

Tetra Pak, the multinational food and beverage processing and packaging system company, recognized Dachser Brasil as the first place in the ranking that assesses its suppliers in operations carried out at Viracopos Airport.

Dachser has been leading the “Immediate Shipments” category at the Viracopos Airport
Dachser has been leading the “Immediate Shipments” category at the Viracopos Airport

Dachser has been leading the “Immediate Shipments” category for seven consecutive months and credits this recognition to the optimizations made in recent years, such as the reduction in delivery time even during the current pandemic, meeting the demands of Tetra Pak's factories and end customers.

Being at the top of the ranking during these months is an honor, especially with the challenges imposed worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. This result is due not only to our fast services, but also to the assertiveness of the work done.

João Paulo Caldana, Managing Director, Dachser Brazil

"Our team is 100% committed to our clients and their shipments and, in addition to speed, also technical knowledge is a key factor for excellence."

Dachser is a Tetra Pak partner for import operations at Viracopos, Guarulhos and Afonso Pena airports, in addition to the ports of Santos and Paranaguá. Also, the company is responsible for Tetra Pak’s entire logistics chain, coordinating its logistics processes from shipments abroad to delivery at the Monte Mor and Ponta Grossa distribution centers.

During this partnership, Tetra Pak saw progress in the efficiency of its operations, achieving greater agility even in times of new challenges. “As solution providers for the food and beverage industry, our operations and those of our suppliers could not be impacted by the pandemic. In a challenging context, Dachser proved to be a highly strategic partner”, concludes Fernanda Gomes, Foreign Trade manager at Tetra Pak.

The “new normal” brought challenges to the entire logistics chain.

To continue with the delivery of its services and not cause interruptions in its customers' supply chain, Dachser adapted without giving up any precautions related to the pandemic. “Monitoring processes, identifying bottlenecks, and thinking about how to keep our employees 100% safe has been one of our main concerns. Together with Tetra Pak, we focus on optimizing operational processes and increasing the efficiency of the services provided. The recognition of our work is the result of a great partnership and the efforts of the entire Dachser team in Brazil”, says Caldana.

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