Dachser USA Announces Weekly Transatlantic Flight Service between US and Europe

Global logistics provider responding to growing need for air freight capacity

Dachser USA announces a new dedicated weekly Frankfurt-Chicago-Frankfurt flight service, which launched on July 26th in response to ongoing demand for increased air freight capacity between Europe and the US.

Weekly Transatlantic Flight Service between US and Europe
Weekly Transatlantic Flight Service between US and Europe

Dachser USA’s weekly flight service connects its U.S. customers to the entire European market through its comprehensive land transport network from Frankfurt. Through Dachser’s road transport network, the service connects Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. For European customers, Dachser USA’s dedicated trucking service in the U.S enables prompt door-to-door deliveries within the 48 contiguous states.

This new dedicated weekly transatlantic flight service offers a solution to the current air freight capacity challenges that our customers are facing. They called upon us to provide a timely, efficient transportation option to move their cargo between the U.S. and Europe in a way that allows them to properly plan and meet their deadlines.

Andy Frommenwiler, Vice President, Air Freight, Dachser USA

The transatlantic service is scheduled to be in rotation every weekend as customers benefit from fixed transit times allowing for reliable planning. Utilizing specially chartered Boeing 747-400 freighters, the weekly flight schedule is as follows:

Service details: Weekly / Departure: Frankfurt, Germany, Sunday, 9 AM CET / Destination: Chicago, Illinois, Sunday, 11 AM CST

Service details: Weekly / Departure: Chicago, Illinois, Sunday, 2 PM CST / Destination: Frankfurt, Germany, Monday, 5:00 AM CET

In response to ongoing air freight capacity shortages, Dachser has continuously expanded its flight service offerings by introducing several charter services with direct routes to and from Europe, Asia and Latin America

Dachser’s dedicated flight service program ensures that volume capacities are available to customers regardless of unpredictable market conditions. In fact, various product categories including large-format goods, hazardous goods such as batteries as well as temperature-controlled products for life-sciences and healthcare sectors can continue to be sourced thanks to Dachser’s flight service program enabling supply chain fluidity.

“Today, the marketplace demands reliability and agility. As an industry leader, Dachser aims to proactively foresee the needs of our customers and stay one step ahead by offering timely, innovative, and adaptable solutions. We plan to offer and expand our premium air service routes as our customer requirements continue to grow,” said Mr. Frommenwiler.

Customers interested in reserving their shipment on Dachser USA’s upcoming dedicated weekly flight service, can contact their local Dachser USA representative or via email at sales.usa-asl@dachser.com for further information.

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