Women in Logistics growing in ranks at Dachser Americas

Females account for more than 57 percent of workforce

Dachser Americas, a subsidiary of global logistics provider Dachser, proudly announces more than 57 percent of its workforce is comprised of women even while the supply chain and logistics profession continues to be dominated by men.

Dachser values diverse ways of thinking and working
Dachser values diverse ways of thinking and working

This announcement reflects family-owned Dachser’s commitment to a culture empowerment to its workforce regardless of gender, race or age.

As a service-driven organization, Dachser values diverse ways of thinking and working; different perspectives fuel ideas, solutions and success. Dachser recognizes the contributions of female employees around the world, rewarding them for their leadership, foresight and expertise. 

Dachser Americas

Currently, Dachser Americas, which includes Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and USA markets, has 387 women staffers, representing over 57 percent of its workforce in the region. Female employees are playing an increasingly strong and significant role in various functional groups. Dachser believes in investing in its employees, creating opportunities for long-term, robust and challenging careers within the organization.

Dachser Americas is highlighting several exemplary female employees

They consistently contribute to the growth of the business, support the culture of inclusion and demonstrate the values of the organization with their expertise, dedication and inspiration:  

  • Gabriele Langenmayr – Department Head of Strategic Programs, Dachser Americas Air & Sea Logistics, Regional Head Office Americas

Offering to sponsor her college studies in 1998, Dachser already knew they had someone special in Gabriele Langenmayr. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree with dual majors in Business & Logistics, she started her distinguished career focused on European Logistics at Dachser’s global head office located in Kempten, Germany. In this first role, she was instrumental in the growth of the Tender Management department in Kempten.

In 2007, she was given the opportunity to transfer to Dachser USA’s head office in Atlanta. Ms. Langenmayr successfully oversaw the development of the ASL Tender Management team in the US as well as Marketing and PR activities. In 2014, she moved to the Dachser Americas Regional Head Office in Miami and was tasked to lead the Strategic Programs as well as Human Resources and Communications for the Region. She also is responsible for the Strategic Development of the Life Sciences and Healthcare business sectors in the Americas.

As Ms. Langenmayr puts it, “Logistics is my passion, and it is always needed! The more the world gets connected, the more logistics become vital. Additionally, it is a highly international and dynamic industry, especially as requirements change and technologies further develop, so the job keeps changing and is always interesting.”

Ms. Langenmayr greatly enjoys working at Dachser since it has given her so many exceptional opportunities. She certainly feels that the logistics industry is open to hiring women and those who are interested in making a difference can have a powerful impact and a successful career trajectory.

  • Donna Walters – Key Account Specialist, Dachser USA Air & Sea Logistics                              

​​​​​​​Donna Walters is a true pioneer in the field of logistic; working at Dachser USA in New York for 30 years. Her credo is “people are always at the heart of logistics.”

In her role, Ms. Walters works with Dachser’s major customers—negotiating prices, monitoring deliveries from start to finish and also regularly answering general customer inquiries. She enjoys finding out what our customers want, offering them suitable solutions and increasing their satisfaction with Dachser.

Ms. Walters adds, “Dachser has given me all of their support throughout these years. As a two-time cancer survivor, my colleagues at Dachser encouraged me every step of the way. There was always someone there for me; it is an exceptional place for women to work.”

When she joined the Ocean Freight division, Ms. Walters was a one-woman show. However, today, her team consists of six people. The growth of the New York office also reflects the continuous rise of Dachser USA, which is now represented in all key states.  Even after 30 years, Ms. Walters is still passionate about her job, despite all the adversity life has thrown at her. “Dachser is very close to my heart. We’re like one big family.”

  • Sandra Salcedo - Team Leader Customer Service, Dachser Mexico Air & Sea Logistics

Part of the Dachser Mexico team since 2008, Sandra Salcedo supervises and coordinates air, sea, road shipments and customs clearance as Team Leader in Customer Service. She verifies that everything has the precise action time to meet the KPIs, but above all, she is aware of the satisfaction of Dachser customers.

For over 12 years, Ms. Salcedo has been an integral part of the growth of Dachser Mexico’s Customer Service department, which is now a team of 30. She enjoys talking with the customers to meet their logistics requirements with reliability that is synonymous with Dachser.

"Everything has to be done ‘just in time.’ If we don't operate with that mindset then we are not executing in the best manner for our customers,” says Ms. Salcedo.

  • Ana Sofia Rotondo – Ocean Freight Manager, Dachser Peru

Taking advantage of her robust background in international trade and work experiences in both Spain and Germany, Ana Sofia Rotondo always knew she wanted to work in logistics and transport. Ms. Rotondo has been with Dachser Peru as a Seafreight Manager, bringing a wealth of global logistics and transport expertise to the organization.

Fluent in several languages, she is always ready to do everything possible for her team and considers training the new generation of upmost importance for business development continuity.

Ms. Rotondo adds, “As more women join the industry, they should seek to improve themselves every day. In fact, Dachser was there for me every step of the way with their commitment and contribution for my continued professional development.”

  • Priscilla Tilkian – Business Development Manager, Dachser Brazil

Being part of the Dachser Brazil team since it was established, Priscilla Tilkian has been with the company most of her professional career.  Currently, a Business Development Manager, she has a solid international business background having worked in various countries as well as being fluent in several foreign languages. Ms. Tilkian brings to customers a great balance of global expertise along with logistics and freight forwarding knowledge.

She has always been focused on understanding customers’ business requirements and partnering with them, so they are always in front and center.

Ms. Tilkian says, “"I am proud to be with Dachser since they opened their offices here in Brazil. Customers see every day how much trust and expertise Dachser brings. Working collaboratively with our customers to ensure their satisfaction is my greatest priority.”

  • Daniela Valck – Business Development Manager, Dachser Chile

One could say that logistics and shipping has always been in Daniela Valck’s DNA since she comes from a line of maritime ship owners in Chile. Due to her family’s history, she knew she always wanted to be part of the shipping and logistics world. For nine years, Ms. Valck has been a valuable team member of the Dachser Chile family, focused on business development and customer relations.

Ms. Valck adds, “Although there are fewer women in our field, I did not have any difficulties because of this disparity.  In fact, Dachser Chile supported me at every turn. They have provided me with opportunities for training and professional development that has made me a better manager.”

At Dachser Chile, she is a proud team contributor and believes it has opened her perspective to think globally. Ms. Valck appreciates that importance of offering solutions that enable customers, markets and supply chains to move flawlessly whether in Chile or around the world. Her motto has been to “treat each shipment as if it were a shipment for you or your family.”

A multi-cultural spirit whereby women feel engaged, respected, and appreciated for their knowledge, experience and skills is a core principal at Dachser. By harnessing this very power of human difference and building a global community characterized by dynamic perspectives coupled with professionalism, Dachser is able to excel at delivering transformative logistics solutions to their customers.

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