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New customs house brokerage services enhances DACHSER Mexico offerings

Facilitates “interruption-free” shipping process and broadens service portfolio

Dachser Mexico, a subsidiary of Dachser – a global provider of logistics solutions, announces the addition of customs house brokerage (CHB) services to its capabilities portfolio.

New customs house brokerage services in Dachser Mexico
New customs house brokerage services in Dachser Mexico

Understanding and complying with customs rules and regulations can be a difficult process. Navigating this process can be a hassle for businesses involved in international trade. However, with the launch of its new CHB services, Dachser Mexico enables seamless, ‘interruption-free’ shipping; offering the depth of customs brokerage expertise and resources required to provide consistent, reliable and flexible service.

​​​​​​​To minimize the challenges of customs compliance, Dachser Mexico offers customs brokerage support at 21 relevant ports in the country with specialized staff, systems and standard operational procedures. Supporting businesses of any size and sector, this new service will greatly improve the effectiveness of customs clearance, trade management and global logistics. It will also help facilitate informed decision making, identify cost-savings opportunities and simplify customs processing for our customers.

In fact, customers in Mexico, Latin America and other regions will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Single point-of-contact
  • Simplified shipment management processing
  • Complete documentation management
  • Specialization in customs clearance by specific sectors
  • Guidance on national and international customs regulations
  • National coverage (21 ports of entry)
  • International trade consulting
  • Global logistics network access
  • Customized “interlocking” integrated solutions
  • Centralized billing

We have built a team whose primary focus will be to strengthening our best-in-class customs house brokerage and trade compliance services. This will enable efficient and faster customs management and allow us to further bolster our Dachser Mexico operations. This solution offers our customers enhanced transparency and more control over their own international commerce processes.

Edgardo Hamon, General Director, Dachser Mexico

The aim is to help customers ease their way through many of the complexities of international trade, thereby ensuring the highest level of service. Dachser Mexico’s personalized, detailed and process-oriented approach to clearance and customs compliance is designed to give our customers the peace of mind that their needs are being met.

"As a global provider of logistics solutions, it is essential to offer a robust range of services and solutions that address our customers’ international trade and business requirements. It is no longer adequate to simply offer reasonable rates, but we must also generate value-added solutions that give our customers a competitive edge. Our CHB service does just that by ensuring compliance while simultaneously minimizing service disruption,” says Hamon.

Dachser Mexico’s CHB service is available to customers shipping in or out of the country.

Further, customers will be able to fully leverage Dachser’s wide breadth of products and services within its air, maritime, terrestrial, warehousing and global customs network – providing even more value.

“Businesses are always looking for cost-effective solutions without losing reliability. With the addition of our new CHB services at Dachser Mexico, we are showing our commitment to helping customers take advantage of their global commerce opportunities,” adds Hamon.

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