Lockdown in Santos, Brazil

With this update DACHSER would like to inform you about the lockdown instituted since yesterday, March 23, 2021, of the entire city of Santos, Brazil and the adjacent region.

Concerning sea freight, we have noticed the operations in the Port of Santos slowing down in the loading and unloading of cargo. The Santos maritime terminals, even before the lockdown, had some processes stopped and a wait time of more than 24 hours for cargo handling operations.

The lockdown brings restrictions of circulation for vehicles and people and therefore hampers the transport of port employees from their homes to their workplace. Another issue is that several companies have reduced the staff in their local facilities. Unfortunately, the local situation appears to become worse as days go by.

The reality is that there is a long delay in services provided by the maritime terminals, which impacts collection and delivery and all other connected maritime operations.

We hope that the situation will be resolved soon and we thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

For any questions, please contact your local DACHSER representative.

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