Introducing DACHSER Mexico

Since 2006 DACHSER Mexico has developed into one of the leading players in the local logistics market for air and sea transportation.

At DACHSER, we combine many parts into a whole, since we connect people and systems in an exceptionally systematic way. In Mexico, 156 employees participate in a specific moment in the connection of the flow of goods, information and transport companies to each other. The cooperation of 5 branches guarantees the intelligent combination of logistics network competencies. Therefore, we can achieve the best possible domain of the processes in all commercial divisions and reach in depth to customers in Mexico with a superior operational solution in general.


The international company which carries out air and sea transportation services in México has acquired experience in the automotive, industrial and building industries locally, and sees Mexico as a market of the future.

Mexico and Germany trade

In recent years, trade between Mexico and Germany has grown rapidly, to such an extent that Mexico is already the main economic partner of Germany in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With the recent signing of the modernization of the European Union-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (TLCUEM), the investment and commercial flows between Mexico and Europe will increase, and undoubtedly trade between Mexico and Germany will be one of the most strengthened.

According to the Ministry of Economy (SE), in Mexico there are 1,835 companies with German capital participation, and their productive activity is concentrated in key sectors such as: the automotive industry and auto parts; pharmaceutical, chemical and electrical-electronic, as well as the transport and logistics areas.

With the aim of continuing to promote the positive and constantly growing commercial relationship between both countries, Dachser has announced a new consolidated air and sea service with at least two weekly departure options that will connect Mexico with Germany and the north of Europe.

“Through this new offer of consolidated services, we currently offer almost twice as many options as our competitors. In addition, Dachser has the largest and strongest infrastructure in Europe, which allows us to provide a complete door to door package service”, pointed out Edgardo Hamon, Country Manager Dachser Mexico.

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