Introducing DACHSER France

DACHSER France’s beginnings

DACHSER France was established in 1966 from an alliance between the DACHSER group and the French logistics company GRAVELEAU. This fusion gave DACHSER access to strategically important markets in Western Europe and North Africa. It was not until 2009 that Transports Graveleau was 100% sold and became DACHSER Intelligent Logistics.

DACHSER France proudly employs 3,056 team members in 69 interconnected branches

DACHSER France and its solutions

With 3,056 employees in 69 interconnected branches, the DACHSER France network offers its customers a wide range of solutions through the "DACHSER European logistics" service, in close collaboration with "DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics". Via the Cargoplus international road transport service, we manage shipments from 16 sites, in groupage full truck loads and for global projects to specific markets in the CIS countries, the Maghreb and Turkey. We also have full truckload solutions for specific projects in the Near and Middle East and Arab countries. We also offer transport and warehousing solutions, under the Contract Logistics service, adapted to each business line, in particular for the automotive, aeronautical, medical, food-processing or textile industries, which are very present in France.

A combined offer

More generally, DACHSER offers global solutions for our multinational customers that combine the best of what we can offer in terms of overland transport and air and sea freight services. We interconnect our road, air and sea business areas at all levels in order to generate added value for our customers. We call this process of interconnecting our networks and offering combined services "Interlocking".

The Chem-Logistics solution

DACHSER France transports and stores packaged chemical products from the various chemical sectors such as automotive products, textiles as well as agricultural and construction products. DACHSER Chem-Logistics combines the standardised services of the DACHSER Group with the special requirements of the chemical industry. Experts offer specific transport and storage solutions for chemicals, including dangerous goods. DACHSER's own safety advisers, located in each of our branches, ensure that all safety regulations for handling and storing these products are complied with. This offer also includes the services of DACHSER Contract Logistics.

The DIY-Logistics solution

As part of DACHSER DIY-Logistics, France delivers every day nearly 6 000 DIY stores, gardening stores, specialized networks and consumers on its national territory. We work closely with distributors and suppliers and advise customers on the best possible guidance in this sector. Thanks to the DACHSER DIY-Logistics Pipeline, we offer a global solution adapted to the sector, a homogeneous quality service chain from supplier to point of sale and to the consumer, and thus enable to manage a continuous flow of goods arriving on the markets.

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