Introducing DACHSER Chile

Since 2009, DACHSER Chile has developed into one of the leading players in the local logistics market for air and sea transportation.

Today DACHSER Chile stands for cutting edge, efficient, and technology-driven logistic solutions. These solutions rely on the close integration of our global transport and warehouse networks, long-term partnerships, and consistent digital networking worldwide.


By taking a multi-channel approach with all distribution channels successfully linked, DACHSER Chile is able to offer customers a secure and reliable system for their most demanding logistics requirements.

DACHSER in Chile

At local level, DACHSER Chile has managed to position themselves in different productive industries such as mining, construction, food and industrial products.

In recent years, trade between Chile and Germany has grown steadily, to such an extent that Germany is already Chile's main economic partner in the European Union.

Since the entry into force of the Association Agreement (AA) between Chile and the European Union (EU) in 2003, Chilean exports have increased by 54% from US $ 655 million exported in 2003 to US $ 1,008 million in 2018. Chilean exports continue to be characterized by a high proportion of mining and cellulose products. However, the German market is key for products such as wine, fresh and dried fruit, in addition to the successful and growing exports of white meat and pork. The German market is the most important for a product such as honey, of great interest to small producers throughout the country.

In terms of imports, during the term of the Agreement they have increased by 318% from US $ 707 million in 2003 to US $ 2,956 million in 2018. The increase is explained by imports of German-branded vehicles and industrial products.

With the aim of continuing to promote the positive and constantly growing commercial relationship between both countries, DACHSER has announced a new consolidated sea service with weekly departure that connects Germany and the north of Europe with Chile.

“Through these consolidated services we bring to our customers top level of options in this lane. In addition, DACHSER has one of the largest and strongest infrastructures in Europe, which allows us to provide a complete door to door package service”, pointed out Frank Habermann, Managing Director DACHSER Chile.

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