Dachser Brazil enhances door-to-door transportation service

Customer demand drives the growth of trucking and logistics value added services in Latin America

Responding to market demand, Dachser is enhancing its door-to-door service in Brazil. 

Dachser is enhancing its door-to-door service in Brazil.
Dachser is enhancing its door-to-door service in Brazil.

As part of its comprehensive service offering, Dachser Brazil supports its customers by moving their cargo in and out of Argentina, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay with  trucks and semi-trailers equipped with satellite tracking devices.

At Dachser, we continue to expand our service offering to ensure we meet the needs of our customers. We expertly serve our customers, offering an integrated service portfolio that leverages Dachser's own global transport and storage network as well as selected service partners

Joao Caldana, Managing Director ASL Brazil at Dachser

“Our customers are especially pleased that the transport equipment includes tracking devices, that enhance visibility, provide 24/7 real-time data and help prevent cargo theft, which is a significant local problem.”

By hiring an experienced provider, all cargo movements, from the moment they leave the exporter's headquarters until they arrive for unloading at the importer, are under the dedicated care and responsibility of a logistics operator. With a specialized company taking care of all the processes, contracts and bureaucracies along the entire supply chain, contractors are more relaxed and can focus on their core businesses.

Among the main benefits are:

  • Collection of goods
  • Compliance with current legislation;
  • Cargo storage;
  • Customized transport plan for each cargo;
  • Deadline compliance

Managed by Dachser’s experienced team of logistics experts, the door-to-door transportation service includes direct pick-ups and deliveries, guaranteed departures, reliable lead times and proof of delivery. Depending on specific customer requirements, Dachser Brazil also offers warehousing services including a variety of value-added services, such as pick and pack, labeling and consolidation, as well as customs brokerage services.

Specialized expertise with 24/7 transparency across Latin America

With its trucking services, Dachser Brazil's door to door service offers reliable ground transportation of general, hazardous and refrigerated cargo shipments to and from Argentina, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Equipped with satellite tracking devices, the trucks employed for this service provide 24x7 end-to-end visibility with real-time reporting capabilities.

“Dachser’s service expansion in conjunction with dedicated expert teams help our customers improve operations, reduce costs and enhance their supply chain fluidity,” adds Mr. Caldana. “We have all the necessary teams involved in every step of the process, from license providers to brokers, local authorities and service partners. We understand that keeping everyone up to date and fully engaged throughout the entire logistic process is  the key to smooth and successful work.”

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