Delegation from Germany visits DACHSER Minneapolis

On October 2nd, our Minneapolis office welcomed a delegation from Neuss, Germany and St. Paul, MN. The local DACHSER team presented our setup and services in the US during a business breakfast that morning.

Delegation from Germany and DACHSER's local team

A special thank you to Thomas Klann, Dominik Jablonski, Jessica Starr and Yonan Kifarkis for organizing the visit. 

German American Delegation from Neuss

In 2019, Neuss, Germany and St. Paul, MN celebrated 20 years of partnership and therefore the German American delegation from Neuss planned a visit to their partner city in Minnesota. 

Since one member of the delegation, Thomas Klann, works for DACHSER in Germany he contacted his US counterparts to setup a visit to the Minneapolis office. The local team was excited about the opportunity to present DACHSER's transatlantic services between the US and Europe during the business breakfast. 

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