DACHSER USA’s logistics services for the Life Science and Healthcare industry ensure medical cargo arrives safely and on-time despite supply chain disruptions

DACHSER USA serving as sponsor and participant at upcoming LogiPharma conference

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, no industry has required the high levels of precise, sophisticated logistics services as much as the Life Science and Healthcare sector.

DACHSER USA serving as sponsor and participant at upcoming LogiPharma conference
DACHSER USA serving as sponsor and participant at upcoming LogiPharma conference

DACHSER USA Air & Sea Logistics, a subsidiary of global logistics provider DACHSER, is committed to expanding, enhancing and evolving its services for the Life Science and Healthcare industry to ensure it meets the needs of its customers and the marketplace. In fact, DACHSER USA is serving as a sponsor and roundtable participant at the upcoming LogiPharma Conference, which will be held on Oct. 19-20 at the Hilton Philadelphia in Penns Landing, PA. 

As the longest-running pharma supply chain event, LogiPharma will bring together leaders in pharma supply chain, logistics, distribution, planning, IT, quality and sourcing to share perspectives and practical insights. Committed to healthcare transport best practices, DACHSER USA is not only a sponsor of this prestigious event, but is also hosting two round table discussions. DACHSER USA will be part of the following discussion panel topics: “Rediscovering the passion for delivering innovative treatment to patients” and “The pros and cons for global versus domestic sourcing of components.”

Our sponsorship at LogiPharma highlights our enduring commitment to this space and to transforming logistics excellence into best practices, especially across the pharma supply chain

Ralph Riehl, Managing Director ASL Americas at DACHSER.

“Without seamless and reliable logistics processes, it would not be possible to transport critical medical supplies where they are needed most in a safe and timely fashion. Our customers from the Life Science and Healthcare industries look to DACHSER USA to help mitigate delays and shortages that can directly impact entire healthcare supply systems.” 

DACHSER USA’s CEIV Pharma-certified Atlanta location is serving as the competency center to ensure compliance while monitoring and collaborating with DACHSER´s US locations. In 2019, the Atlanta location secured the CEIV Pharma certification, which ensures it is qualified to safeguard the integrity of high-value cargo and manage compliance throughout the transport process. DACHSER is CEIV Pharma-certified in five of its global locations which include Atlanta, Frankfurt, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and, most recently, Shanghai.

DACHSER USA has proven expertise in managing Life Science and Healthcare shipments from global suppliers in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Customers minimize risk, maximize flexibility and offer end-to-end visibility driven by industry compliance guidelines and standards.

“For DACHSER USA, the safe and efficient transportation of healthcare products is a key priority, and our CEIV Pharma-certified locations in the US, Europe and Asia enable us to collaborate and serve our customers in key regions around the world,” added Mr. Riehl. “DACHSER is uncompromising about meeting Life Science and Healthcare Logistics guidelines. We consistently ensure that our logistics services meet the highest service and quality standards.”

Further, DACHSER is certified in internationally recognized standards and guidelines including European Union and World Health Organization Good Distribution Practices (GDP), United States Pharmacopeia standards, and IATA temperature control regulations.

DACHSER operates and works under GDP-compliant regulations and we have implemented a state-of-the-art online quality management system which is used by more than 380 GDP-trained staff members on a global level”, explains Mr. Riehl. “We are constantly auditing our processes and our suppliers; we continuously work to train our employees in compliance with the required regulations and guidelines.”

Robust global network enabling end-to-end control

DACHSER USA offers a robust schedule of air freight services from China and Europe, connecting customers to the entire European continent through DACHSER’s robust road transportation network. Further, customers are able to fully leverage DACHSER’s global end-to-end solutions and services portfolio within its air, maritime, terrestrial, and customs clearance network – providing even more value and market accessibility. 

With deep Life Science and Healthcare Logistics experience, DACHSER USA is a proven expert and resource in temperature-controlled logistics. Its dedicated team of specialists will guide customers through transportation logistics, value-added services and reefer transport options that optimize the supply chain performance for its customers.

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