Dachser Brazil transports entire asphalt manufacturing facility from Brazil to the Virgin Islands

Logistics service provider manages to successfully complete multi-stage project amidst the pandemic

Dachser Brazil just completed another project cargo from Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul to the Virgin Islands - an archipelago located in the Caribbean. 

The transport took a total of 34 days and covered 5,500 km distance.
The transport took a total of 34 days and covered 5,500 km distance.

Export is one of the main businesses in Brazil, responsible for 13% of the country’s GDP. While most products destined for export are easy to handle, some come heavy and over-sized. The transport of heavy loads is therefore one of the most delicate export activities, due to the level of complexity that it demands.

As a provider of logistics solutions, Dachser guides clients through optimal solutions when they face complex transportation challenges. These include  special projects that require the collaboration with our global partners. But there are certain projects - especially those that involve transporting heavy goods - that present unique challenges, that offer an opportunity to expand our innovative thinking. I can confidently say that the transportation of this type of cargo was definitely one of those opportunities.

João Caldana, Managing Director, Dachser Brazil

The challenges of transporting asphalt plants is nothing new for Dachser. One of its long-standing customers is a world-leading supplier of asphalt and concrete plants, machines and services to the construction industry, with a focus on road and infrastructure construction. They have been working closely with Dachser since the German logistics provider started its operations in Brazil over 10 years ago, always relying on the company's expertise.

Innovative solutions for unique challenges

Transporting heavy and large loads requires a thorough knowledge of routes, storage and safety regulations. Originating in a silos factory in the city of Gravataí, the cargo was transported by road to Rio Grande do Sul. After a meticulous analysis by the responsible team, the use of 2 containers and 2 flat racks was chosen for the transportation. Flat racks are designed to transport loads of large dimensions and with extra weight. They do not have a roof or sides in order to provide flexible storage, with less risk of damage of the equipment.

In total, all the parts of the asphalt plant weighed 140 tons, divided into different stages of transport. The 25 ton asphalt storage silo transported in June completed the project.

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