Spotlight on Generation Z

They were born around the turn of the millennium and grew up with digitalization. Generation Z has been making its way into logistics for some time now—and DACHSER is no exception. What expectations do members of this generation have? Of themselves, their work environment, their future? We’ve compiled some answers to these questions.

Generation Z has been making its way into logistics for some time now—and DACHSER is no exception

For Generation Z, who have grown up with smartphones, apps, and social media, their grasp of modern technology is essentially second nature. They are often regarded as reserved, with a pragmatic and conservative attitude and a strong focus on work-life balance.

Teamwork and a good working atmosphere are what count

We asked the young people what they expected of themselves, their working environment, and their future, and their responses provide an exciting insight into the world of Generation Z. What unites them is the value they place on teamwork, variety, and a good working atmosphere.

Generation Z

In its Gen Z Effect study, Dell surveyed pupils and students aged 16 to 23. They discovered that Generation Z is crazy about technology, but not so much that they place no value on human interaction. Quite the opposite—in fact, they yearn for it. Today’s 16- to 23-year-olds are surprisingly reserved, pragmatic, and conservative in their behavior. Their conduct, as the study reports, is characterized by controlled observation and adaptation.

“This leaves the door wide open for fruitful cooperation between the various generations in the company. Older colleagues can teach the talented youngsters the soft skills they are lacking, and conversely, Generation Z can ensure that technological skills are expanded throughout the company. This way, they can help propel businesses further into the digital era,” explains Doris Albiez, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Dell EMC Deutschland.

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