DACHSER Americas continues to be highly women-driven

According to a recent study by the technological research and consulting company Gartner, 39% of the supply chain and logistics workforce in North America is female. DACHSER Americas is well above the industry average with a 55% share of women among all employees in the region.

55% of DACHSER's employees in the Americas are female.

The study by Gartner is currently the most representative study in this field and has analyzed the share of women and men workforce in supply chain and logistics organizations. Numbers are based on data from March and April 2022, collected among supply chain organizations primarily in North America and with a minimum annual revenue of $100 million.

At DACHSER Americas, past data proves a long-term commitment towards an equal and diverse workforce. Data from 2021 indicates an almost identical share of women and men across the Americas region in comparison to today, March 2023. For the company’s U.S. subsidiary, data collected in 2019 and today also show identical values. Here, a total share of 56% of employees continue to be women. In the other country organizations of DACHSER Americas, percentage ranges are on a similar level. In Brazil, another large subsidiary of DACHSER in the region, the female workforce comprises 58%.

“With its global presence, DACHSER embraces diversity in various aspects, including gender. Here, we are pleased to send a positive message across the whole industry”, says Ralph Riehl, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Americas. “We are fully aware that achieving gender equality is crucial to support mutual tolerance and understanding across our organization.”

Equality as a core value

Equality has always been deeply rooted in the philosophy of DACHSER, which has been family-owned since its foundation more than 90 years ago. This is also indicated in one of the six corporate DACHSER values, “openness and respect”. With a presence in 42 countries, the success of the company is built on multiple backgrounds and experiences and on a strong appreciation for cultural differences. The same is also valid for DACHSER in the Americas region, where 25 offices are spread across six countries in North and South America. Working closely together, offices are located in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

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