Dachser Americas Expands its LCL Business for the U.S. and Latin America Markets

Blanked sailings, reduced air freight capacity key factors in driving demand

In response to increased demand for Less than Container Load (LCL) services, Dachser Americas has expanded its offerings throughout the Americas.  As the global supply chain faces ongoing challenges, Dachser customers are looking to LCL for its reliable schedules, expedited transit times and enhanced visibility.

Dachser weekly LCL services to and from the U.S and Latin America
Dachser weekly LCL services to and from the U.S and Latin America

The company highlights the following drivers:

  • Increased blanked sailings and service route cancellations impacting cargo flow
  • Reduced air freight capacity making air transport a less viable option
  • The uncertainty of global economy and consumer demand, cancelled orders and shuttering of retail locations and manufacturing facilities translating to smaller shipments

The increased blanked sailings and reduced ocean carrier schedules as well as the reduction in air freight capacity are dramatically slowing down the flow of goods and accelerating the demand for the reliability and efficiency LCL services provide. Furthermore, as retailers cancel or reduce orders in response to the economy, many shippers are shifting plans from FCL to LCL.

Guido Gries, Managing Director, Dachser Americas

Dachser’s LCL services address the supply chain challenges the industry faces today as well as those that are anticipated in the future as the economy recovers and demand returns.  Customers with smaller merchandise quantities have come to rely on Dachser’s maritime freight consolidation service, which collects container shipments from several companies and consolidates the freight, which is then transported seamlessly and efficiently to its final destination.

“As a logistics solutions provider that understands the needs of the marketplace, our role is to offer solutions to challenges, and right now, we are often pointing to LCL as the most efficient, fast and cost-effective way to move freight,” said Mr. Gries. “What’s more, customers looking to ship to Northern Europe can take advantage of our European road network to seamlessly connect to almost the entire region.”

Dachser Weekly LCL services to and from the U.S and Latin America

  • Bremen, Germany - Charlotte, US
  • Hamburg, Germany - New York US
  • Hamburg, Germany - Chicago US
  • New York US - Hamburg, Germany
  • Atlanta US - Hamburg, Germany
  • Shanghai, China - Los Angeles US
  • Shanghai, China - Santos, Brazil
  • Hamburg, Germany - Santos, Brazil
  • Hamburg, Germany - Veracruz, Mexico
  • Shanghai, China - Manzanillo, Mexico
  • Hamburg, Germany - Altamira, Mexico
  • Hamburg, Germany - Callao, Peru
  • Hamburg, Germany - San Antonio, Chile

In addition to the aforementioned weekly services, Dachser Americas also provides LCL service from Valencia, Spain to Veracruz, Mexico and Hamburg to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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