Dachser Air & Sea Logistics certified for pharmaceutical shipments on three continents

Following Frankfurt, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, Atlanta is now Dachser’s fourth location to receive certification in ten months, further expanding the company’s network services for its customers in the life science and healthcare sector.

Atlanta becomes the next Dachser branch to receive CEIV Pharma certification from IATA.
Atlanta becomes the next Dachser branch to receive CEIV Pharma certification from IATA.

Certification of the Atlanta branch in the US marks a further milestone in Dachser’s expansion of its global network for its Life Science & Healthcare Business Field Solution. In late 2018, Dachser obtained the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification from IATA for its Frankfurt airport branch, followed by its Indian branches in Mumbai and Hyderabad in mid-2019.

Our locations in Germany, India, and the US enable us to serve our customers in the life science and healthcare sectors in the key regions around the world

Timo Stroh, Head of Global Air Freight at Dachser

“This certification demonstrates that we fulfil the highest service and quality standards through uniform processes and a compliant network. In turn, our customers benefit from secure, compliant, and efficient air freight services.”

Dachser meets and exceeds international standards and guidelines

As an industry standard, the IATA certification fulfils the specific requirements of shippers of pharmaceutical products with regard to secure, compliant, and efficient air-freight services. CEIV Pharma certification attests that the company’s handling of pharmaceutical products meets and even exceeds international global standards and guidelines. These include European Union and World Health Organization Good Distribution Practices (GDP), United States Pharmacopeia standards, and IATA temperature control regulations. The certification process entailed internal and external training, a review of procedures for handling temperature-controlled life science and healthcare shipments, and an extensive assessment of these complex processes by two separate independent auditors.

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