Dachser Argentina keeps the water flowing to vine and crop fields in Argentina

Logistics solutions ensure reliable supply of vital irrigation equipment to wine region

Dachser Argentina, a subsidiary of global logistics provider Dachser, announced today that it is managing the logistics of drip irrigation supplies for Halpern Riego into the Argentine market.

This vital equipment enables wine producers and growers in Mendoza essential access to consistent, reliable and efficient water allocation to their fields.
This vital equipment enables wine producers and growers in Mendoza essential access to consistent, reliable and efficient water allocation to their fields.

“Our Mendoza-based team at Dachser Argentina understands how important the wine business is to this region’s economy. We are proud to partner with our customer, Halpern Riego, to contribute to the vitality of the vineyards by overseeing the transport of precision drip irrigation supplies into the country.”

With Dachser Argentina’s logistics expertise, innovative solutions, and global network, we serve our customers efficiently, transparently and seamlessly – helping them retain their competitive edge while meeting the demands of the marketplace.

Eduardo Fernandes, Country Manager, Dachser Argentina

Facing uncertain local equipment stock levels, Halpern Riego turned to Dachser Argentina to manage the logistics of importing drip irrigation equipment to the country. In fact, they entrusted Dachser Argentina to transport more than 12 containers from Spain, Turkey, Israel and other regions. As a result, Halpern Riego is able to offer irrigation solutions to their customers throughout Argentina without disruption or delay.

Dachser is present in Medoza

Interestingly, any visitor to Mendoza or Argentina's northwest interior will be surprised that it is possible to grow anything at all, much less world-class Malbec wines. The entire region resides in the shadow of the Andes mountain range resulting in a dusty, dry countryside where it rarely rains. A lack of water can reduce yields and crop quality or destroy whole harvests. In turn, this can have a devastating impact to producers, growers and the local economy. Given this challenging backdrop, drip irrigation equipment is essential in order to maintain consistent water flow to these unpredictable arid climates.

“As an industry leader of irrigation solutions, the partnership with Dachser Argentina is a natural fit for us,” said  Mr. Adrian Lijteroff, Supply Chain Manager at Halpern Riego. “They bring proven global logistics knowledge and expertise, allowing us to be well positioned to successfully deliver our drip irrigation solutions to the wine production and agricultural markets in Mendoza and throughout Argentina. Thanks to Dachser, we can continue to offer our best-in-class equipment systems, which could make all the difference in wine yields and crop output projections.”

With over 20 years of experience as a global leader of irrigation solutions, Halpern Riego has been committed to investing in Argentina with the establishment of a local site in Mendoza. It offers innovative irrigation technologies that efficiently control water delivery in vineyards and agricultural fields. These systems can ensure better yields every season regardless of crops, climates, soil type or topography.

“At Dachser Argentina, our broad logistics expertise instills confidence in our customers that their businesses can run smoothly, and, in this case, essential irrigation equipment can continue to be accessible in Argentina,” added Mr. Fernandes.

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