DACHSER showcases its logistics expertise in the aerospace industry by shipping a turbine from Brazil to Mexico

In December 2023, DACHSER has shipped an aircraft turbine for a Boeing 737 from Brazil to Mexico. With a weight of more than five tons and dimensions of 230 x 100 x 100 in, great commitment from the multinational teams was required to transport the shipment successfully to its destination over 4,500 miles away.

With the turbine shipment from Brazil to Mexico, DACHSER is showcasing its capabilities in the aerospace industry.

After the customer had placed the order, all necessary steps were carried out by DACHSER Mexico and DACHSER Brazil to ensure that the required documentation was in order and in accordance with airline requirements. As one of DACHSER Brazil’s eight offices is located at Viracopos International Airport (VCP), the departure airport of the cargo, close alignment with the airport facility was equally given at all times. To ensure smooth and secure operations, many other steps including the cleaning of the unloading area and the positioning of a special forklift had to be carried out prior to arrival of the cargo at the airport.

The DACHSER Brazil team, which had already completed all accreditation steps priorly, carried the necessary documents and security equipment for special access to the site, allowing close monitoring of the entire turbine shipment, such as delivery to the airport and acceptance of the cargo by the airline.

Due to the capabilities needed in terms of aircraft specifications, the journey took the turbine via Frankfurt, Germany. After change of aircraft at Germany’s largest airport, the cargo arrived at its destination, Felipe Ángeles International Airport (NLU) near Mexico City. There, it was loaded off the aircraft and finally delivered to the end customer via truck. On the ground in Mexico, the entire process was monitored by the local team of DACHSER Mexico.

Close collaboration of multinational teams and certified quality management

The meticulous preparation and alignment of the turbine documentation with the exporter, broker and airline ensured the peace of mind that the DACHSER network is capable of providing to all its customers. The synergy and collaboration present throughout our entire network guarantees the success of our operations across continents.

This is also confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification of DACHSER in Brazil and Mexico. This standard certifies that companies have established defined processes to ensure the quality of their products and services. With agile logistics solutions, DACHSER adapts to the requirements of different industries and thus expands its business opportunities in various sectors. This enables the logistics service provider to respond to the individual needs of its customers.

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