Coronavirus: updates on DACHSER’s operations in China

The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia recently spread rapidly in China and many cities and provinces have confirmed cases. In order to keep the epidemic under control, the Central Government has announced the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday to February 2. Local authorities, however, have requested enterprises in that region to not have their employees return to the office until a specific later date, mostly on February 10.

DACHSER Branches

Most of the DACHSER branches will officially re-open on February 10. Starting from Monday next week, February 3, depending on cities and permissions from local authorities, skeleton staff will be arranged to enter the office building to manage critical shipments and minimize impact like detention, demurrage fee, TLX release and etc. We regret that we could not provide full operations but will try out best to maintain basic services.

The date for re-opening is changing on a daily basis and is subject to change depending on the situation. As of today, January 31, 2020, the re-opening date of each branch is as follows:

  • Beijing: Feb-03
  • Chengdu: Feb-03
  • Dalian: Feb-10
  • Dongguan: Feb-10
  • Guangzhou: Feb-10
  • Nanjing: Feb-10
  • Ningbo: Feb-10
  • Qingdao: Feb-10
  • Shanghai: Feb-10
  • Shenzhen: Feb-10
  • Suzhou: Feb-10
  • Tianjin: Feb-03
  • Wuhan: Feb-14
  • Xiamen: Feb-10
  • Zhongshan: Feb-10

Operations in Wuhan

DACHSER’s staff from Wuhan branch will work from home and part of the operations will be handled via our Shanghai team. Hubei Province Authorities announced that customers will need to apply transportation certificate from the local government and hand in the certificate to logistics company if they wish to have shipment to enter or exit the province by trucks.

General business in China

While we are trying our best to keep the operation as smooth as possible, please note that most of the factories in China are still closed; trucking services, flights and terminals are operating at minimum service level. Delays and other operational issues are to be expected.

We will continue to update you via our website with the latest information on how this is impacting your supply chain. Should you have any concerns and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.

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