Update from China: Extension of the lockdown

Due to the rise in case numbers, increased COVID-19 restrictions were taken in China, which have now been extended. This has an impact on DACHSER's operational activities:


  • The number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing in Shanghai. Although the original plan called for the lockdown to end on April 1 in Pudong, it has now been extended to April 5. Residents living in communities with positive cases must be quarantined for further 7 to 14 days.
  • The lockdown in Puxi started on April 1 as planned, following the same measures as taken in Pudong. It is expected to end on April 11.
  • During the lockdown, measures will continue to be taken, including massive COVID-19 testing, suspension of public transport, shutdown of stores, halting production and business activities, and employees will only be allowed to work from home.

Impact on logistics

  • The impact for trucking is becoming more serious, with pick-ups and deliveries being severely affected.
  • For air freight, import gateway of DACHSER in PVG is operational and flights continue to land at the airport. The export gateway of DACHSER remains closed and handover is suspended until April 11, 2022. In response to this, DACHSER is working on solutions via alternative airports. Land transportation is still restricted.
  • For sea freight, as of now, DACHSER has not experienced any systematic schedule changes (i.e. port omission) and the port of Shanghai is still being served as scheduled in most cases. DACHSER is monitoring the situation very closely. Effective of April 4, all LCL shipments out of Shanghai this week and the coming week are suspended. LCL shipments that have already arrived at the CFS will be handled. FCL trucking is still possible, but more and more neighboring cities are banning trucks from Shanghai. DACHSER is taking actions to divert as many shipments as possible to Ningbo via different routes.  
  • For suppliers located in Zhejiang province, FCL pick-up is available for shipping out of Ningbo.
  • For FCL shipments from suppliers located in Jiangsu province, where local policy may reject trucks from Zhejiang province, DACHSER is trying to arrange barge service ex Taicang port to reach vessels out of Ningbo.
  • For suppliers located in other provinces, DACHSER is offering solutions case by case, or wherever barge option is possible.
  • DACHSER's locations in Shanghai, including the downtown office and the PVG Airport office, have implemented a work-from-home policy since March 21, while the Huaqiao warehouse is closed. You can reach your local contact through the usual communication channels.

Local representatives at DACHSER will be happy to provide information about shipments and possible alternatives.

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