Introducing DACHSER Portugal

Currently, in Portugal, DACHSER has 218 employees distributed in 7 locations and is present through its business line DACHSER European Logistics, dedicated to land transport and comprehensive logistics solutions, and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics, focused on air transport and maritime.

DACHSER Portugal has 218 employees distributed in 7 interconnected locations

A little history

DACHSER has been present in Portugal since 1999, the year in which it acquired the French transport and logistics company Transports Graveleau with offices in Portugal and other strategic markets in Europe, such as Poland and Romania, and in North Africa. In 2013, the presence of the German logistics operator in Portugal was reinforced with the acquisition of the Spanish land transport and logistics company AZKAR, which already had branches in Portugal. With this new acquisition, DACHSER can offer its customers a wide range of services: air and sea transport, logistics and warehousing services and road transport services - groupage of parcels and pallets, partial and full cargo.

Currently, in Portugal, DACHSER has 218 employees distributed in 7 locations and is present through its business lines DACHSER European Logistics, dedicated to road transport and comprehensive logistics solutions, and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics, focused on air and sea transport. The current heads of each division are Celestino Silva, DACHSER Managing Director European Logistics for the entire Iberian Peninsula, and Jorge Andrade, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Portugal.

Standard and custom solutions

DACHSER Portugal offers transport, logistics and storage services with tailor-made solutions according to customer needs and is specialized in the industrial, textile, chemical as well as gardening, hardware and DIY (DIY) sectors, for which it offers a specific solution:

  • DACHSER Contract Logistics

In Portugal, DACHSER has a total of 5 European Logistics offices, for road transport and distribution, which combine transport activities with warehousing and goods handling operations. In total, there are 5,700 thousand pallet spaces exclusively for logistics operations.

Of the main sectors of the economy with which DACHSER works, the automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, pharmaceutical, fashion, retail or consumer goods industries stand out. For its Contract Logistics clients, DACHSER in Iberia has a team of nearly 700 professionals and the most advanced technologies with automated solutions that include “Put-to-light” picking systems and storage to order - “Order Sorting System”, for faster sorting of items.

  • DACHSER DIY-Logistics

In the Iberian Peninsula, the DACHSER DIY-Logistics solution has been implemented since 2014 and has been growing steadily, accompanying the growth of the home improvement and conditioning market.

The DIY, decoration and gardening industries have very special requirements in terms of logistics, mainly by having to guarantee the availability of products to meet the demand in stores. With 7 locations in total in Portugal, DACHSER can give a quick response to the needs of its customers and ensure that continuous flow between suppliers, stores and the end customer.

  • DACHSER Chem-Logistics

DACHSER has extensive experience in handling dangerous goods and offers a global industrial solution - DACHSER Chem-Logistics - that adapts to the logistics needs of the chemical industry, applying the highest safety standards. The company has a central dangerous goods management team, with 23 SQAS certified delegations and 226 regional safety advisers in Europe.

In Portugal, the DACHSER network is prepared to ensure the handling, transport and storage of dangerous goods, with the support of its own safety advisers, and thus support the Portuguese chemical sector –which represents 12% of total exports. nationals and currently exports to 181 countries.

Connection to the whole European and international DACHSER network

Integrated in the Iberia Business Unit, DACHSER Portugal, through its European Logistics division, is a key center that ensures daily land transport connections with almost all of Europe. The complete capillarity of the network offers the logistics operator's clients 73 fixed and direct lines from Iberia to Europe, 57 of them with daily departures.

For its part, the Air & Sea Logistics division is based on its own international network as well as solid partners that allow it to offer a safe and reliable air and sea transport service, supporting the client with international consulting services and management of customs procedures .

In 2019, Dachser Portugal achieved a business volume of 87.57 million euros and transported 300,000 tons in 1.5 million shipments, thanks to the work of a team of 218, located in 7 locations.

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