Digital aids

Digitalization is advancing in many areas, one of which is logistics. No-code platforms and other digital solutions can help optimize processes in everyday work. The former are online modular systems that provide predefined elements to simplify and expedite the creation of digital applications. Even without in-depth IT knowledge, employees can digitalize analogue processes on their own without spending time programming. These and other digital aids are in use in the DACHSER network as well.

Digital aids are already in use in the DACHSER network.

No-code platforms don’t require the user to have any programming knowledge; they just need to know the processes and have a certain aptitude for digital solutions. These platforms are used mainly for designing website applications and mobile apps. As more and more employees are motivated to improve their digital skills, market researchers assume that the number of applications developed on no- or low-code systems will increase rapidly in the future.

Citizen development also at DACHSER

DACHSER also uses no- or low-code platforms in its network to develop prototypes and digitalize minor processes directly in individual branches. This decentralized capability frees up development capacity in IT and motivates employees to tackle analogue challenges and optimize processes on their own.

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