Dachser's LCL (less-than-container-load) service is the main form of transport for importing car manufacturers

Leading global supplier of logistics solutions, the family-owned logistics company Dachser also operates in the FCL (full-container-load) and air modes.

For the past two years, a Japanese car manufacturer has been a client of Dachser for the transportation of its auto parts.  For a service of excellence, a special project was developed that reduces costs and optimizes time: the perfect formula to facilitate the delivery of parts and pieces on different routes, with inventory management and better shipping. What started with a lower flow route in air transport, became a great full-service partnership with the global logistics company with headquarters in Germany.

Partnerships with the Japanese car manufacturer provide services aligned on-demand, always governed by efficiency and transparency
Partnerships with the Japanese car manufacturer provide services aligned on-demand, always governed by efficiency and transparency

Cargo transport has a direct impact on companies and their customers. The industries that depend on the import and export of products are in constant search for a better option for the freight of their goods. Today, there are three main ways to carry out this international service: air transport when shipping is done on cargo and commercial airplanes and speed of delivery is the most important need; FCL (Full Container Load) sea transport, when the exporter has a sufficient load to fill a container alone; and LCL (Less than Container Load) sea transport, when different companies share one sea container and they bear only the costs of the space used.

In Brazil, the automotive sector represents about 22% of industrial GDP. Thus, ensuring the best cost-benefit in logistics solutions is of paramount importance to keep the industry on the ascending path, as this cost also reflects on the final price of the product and the time to manufacture each unit.

After understanding the logistics requirements of each client, as well as the car manufacturers, Dachser proposed its successful LCL service for specific routes for auto parts import, where this service was better fitted for the client’s needs.

From the relationship of transparency and consultancy to the indication of the best options, pricing and strategic information on the market, we have gradually expanded our LCL service.

João Caldana, Managing Director, Dachser Brazil

"Today it already corresponds to about 70% of our company's transport services with car manufacturers”.

The result? Efficient delivery and performance with a 6% reduction in operating costs.

"Among the advantages of the LCL maritime service, is that any quantity can be transported immediately, without the need to wait for enough merchandise to fill an entire container. The guarantee that the goods are leaving and arriving within the stipulated period of time and the reduced costs" are other major reasons to choose this service, says Caldana.

Dachser's LCL service may be the ideal solution amid these uncertain times that have changed how entire industries and sectors operate, cargo transportations being one of them. This applies especially in the air freight sector where the rules of social distancing and travel bans caused a drop in aircraft capacity and a direct price increase.

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