Dachser Brazil opens new office in Curitiba to expand its regional business network

The expansion follows the operational growth in Paraná’s capital, one of the 35 Brazilian cities that export the most

Dachser Brazil opens new office in Curitiba
Dachser Brazil opens new office in Curitiba

Since entering the market 10 years ago, the international logistics provider Dachser has established a strong footprint in the Brazilian market. To keep up with this growth, the company has now expanded its office space in Curitiba by 45%. The capital of Paraná is one of the main export and import centers in the country.

Curitiba is the 18th city that most imported in 2019 and the 34th that most exported in Brazil. It is also among the four cities which lead the ranking of exports and imports of Paraná

João Paulo Caldana, Dachser’ Managing Director in Brazil

It’s over there where the country’s main distribution networks pass towards the neighboring states and the Port of Paranaguá. The port is about 90 kilometers from the capital and moves millions of tons of goods to the rest of Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. In addition, São José dos Pinhais airport, in Curitiba’s metropolitan area, operates international flights, cargo and large aircrafts.

Dachser links its air and sea transport services with the region´s potential for road transports.

According to Paraná’s Secretary of Sport and Tourism, the state has the largest network of highways and paved roads in southern Brazil. There are approximately 13,750 kilometers of paved highways, standing out BR-277 (Grande Estrada) and BR-376 (Rodovia do Café/Contorno Sul), which connects Paraná’s far northwest to Santa Catarina and the state of São Paulo to the southern region of the country, respectively.

“Brazil has an enormous potential for logistics services. Our growth in Curitiba aims at strengthening our company's local and regional activities: sea and air transportation, storage and freight network”, comments the executive. The office expansion in Paraná’s capital follows other openings around Latin America, as recently happened with the company's Brazilian headquarters in the port city of Santos and with the offices in the capitals of Argentina and Chile in August this year.

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