Dachser Argentina helps in the fight against COVID-19 by managing the import of protective apparel

Technologically advanced clothing offers protection to local frontline workers

Dachser Argentina, a subsidiary of the global logistics provider Dachser, announces that it has facilitated the import of advanced protective clothing in an effort to fight against COVID-19.

Dachser Argentina helps in the fight against COVID-19</span>
Dachser Argentina helps in the fight against COVID-19</span>

These personal protective supplies help to shield frontline workers against infectious disease and are urgently needed throughout Argentina due to the pandemic. 

This was a time-sensitive project with cargo that was in high demand throughout Argentina. Our Dachser Argentina team was proud to provide the logistics support necessary to enable our customer, Alvaraz Lonas S.A., to import and distribute these critically needed protective clothing supplies in a timely fashion. We are grateful for the opportunity to be an essential part of this effort to protect our community against COVID-19.

Eduardo Fernandes, Country Manager, Dachser Argentina

Dachser Argentina moved the cargo via ocean freight and relied on its robust Argentina road network to swiftly distribute the apparel.  The Alvaraz Lonas team was so pleased with results that they immediately began to work on coordinating the next project.

A reliable service leads to a great partnership

Alvarez Lonas S.A., a 70-year-old company specializing in tarps and accessories, recently entered the protective apparel sector, manufacturing protective textiles and clothing engineered with Tecnocare technology. This high-performance apparel provides superior protection and a true barrier against the penetration of bacteria, fluids, and microorganisms particularly relevant in today‘s healthcare environments.

“As a collaborative partner, Dachser Argentina acted with a sense of urgency to provide essential logistics services, enabling us to get protective clothing to where it is needed the most,” said Juan Manuel Alvarez at Alvarez Lonas. “Dachser has been able to provide us with a very reliable service given the many challenges in the current pandemic environment.”

“As a company, Dachser Argentina is committed to providing our essential services, as we help combat this pandemic,” added Mr. Fernandes. “Our participation in the import of critical protective clothing supplies into the region is the latest example of Dachser team members around the world coming together to keep vital supply chains moving.”

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