DACHSER workforce passes 30,000 as a new training year starts

As of September 1st, logistics provider DACHSER has more employees than at any other point in its history: approximately 30,500 people around the world are employed by the family-owned company based in Kempten in Allgäu, Germany; that same country is home to 16,246 of those employees. This year, 732 young people have chosen to train or study with DACHSER in Germany—the largest number ever.

DACHSER workforce passes 30,000
DACHSER workforce passes 30,000

As the economy continues to boom, its effects are being felt on the labor market, too: logistics provider DACHSER currently has its largest workforce since the company was founded. It employed 29,098 people at the end of 2017. Now, just six months later, that figure has risen by approximately 5 percent. “People are and will continue to be our most important resource,” CEO Bernhard Simon said. “After all, it is our employees who pave the way toward a connected, globalized economy, who organize storage and delivery processes that span the globe, and who are the face to our customers.”

The family-owned company is again earning top marks for its training program as well. A total of 732 young people from all across Germany have decided to start their careers with DACHSER—5 percent more than in the previous year. In total, DACHSER trains 1,757 apprentices and students nationwide; outside Germany, 41 prospective logistics specialists are currently undergoing a training program to become “DACHSER forwarding and logistics specialists.” The most popular options for trainees are freight forwarding and logistics agent, warehouse clerk, and professional truck driver. Development in the number of people that the company is training as professional drivers with the help of DACHSER Service und Ausbildungs GmbH is especially gratifying: in summer 2018, 23 drivers successfully finished the program, and another 106 people in Germany started that same program. DACHSER now plans to expand its successful training concept to Austria. In fact, eleven people have started training as professional truck drivers at DACHSER Austria—an increase from last year, when only three people throughout the whole country signed up for the training.

As Germany’s third-largest industry, logistics offers a broad range of challenging careers that promise a bright future.

Vera Weidemann, Head of Corporate Human Resources at DACHSER

“As Germany’s third-largest industry, logistics offers a broad range of challenging careers that promise a bright future,” Vera Weidemann, Head of Corporate Human Resources at DACHSER said. “Qualified staff is the limiting factor for growth in our industry. That’s why we need well-trained and motivated employees, now more than ever.” Demanding yet effective training is part of the corporate culture at family-owned DACHSER: its training rate is about 10 percent. And in the spirit of corporate responsibility, the company hires trainees who successfully complete their program.

DACHSER USA delivers comprehensive training through internships

Across the Ocean, DACHSER also delivers robust training programs to meet the growing demand of future logistics professionals.
Since 2008, DACHSER USA Air & Sea Logistics offers domestic and international internships for who those seeking careers in logistics. Interns gain first-hand industry experience while developing skills and acquiring knowledge about freight on an international level.

Through five colleges and universities, interns have gained experience at a number of different U.S. offices including Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Boston, and Charlotte. In collaboration with DACHSER Germany, DACHSER USA has also enabled international interns to gain experience at the New York and Atlanta offices.

“As an international company, it is important to have team members with knowledge of other countries and languages,” DACHSER USA Air & Sea Logistics President and CEO, Frank Guenzerodt said. “We encourage young professionals in the U.S. to be flexible and open to work assignments overseas for a few years to build a career and gain experience.“

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