DACHSER once again certified for pharmaceutical logistics

Independent auditors have once again certified DACHSER for the compliant transportation of life science and healthcare products. The branch in Shanghai is recertified according to IATA CEIV Pharma; the locations in Barcelona, Madrid, Mumbai, Frankfurt and the Head Office in Kempten, Germany, according to GDP (Good Distribution Practice). 

Independent auditors have once again certified DACHSER for the compliant transportation of life science and healthcare products.

The IATA CEIV Pharma standard for air freight as well as the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification for all modes of transport are industry-wide recognized industry standards that regulate the handling and conduct of all parties involved in the global supply chain in the field of life science and healthcare logistics. Internationally valid rules and standards are adhered to and strict quality criteria and performance are ensured. The certificates attest that shipments in DACHSER's Life Science and Healthcare network are handled in accordance with EU regulations.

This is because life science and healthcare products - often medicines, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals - are subject to strict requirements for transportation, storage and handling. Extensive regulations must be observed and customer, authority and product specifications must be adhered to. These are often temperature-sensitive and time-critical shipments that must be handled safely and correctly and transported by air freight or sea freight. "The certification is a mark of quality for our global DACHSER life science and healthcare network," says Timo Stroh, Head of Global Air Freight and Life Science and Healthcare Logistics at DACHSER. "It is the basis for ensuring that the products are stored, handled and transported under optimal conditions during transportation in order to maintain their integrity and effectiveness."

Strict requirements

The certification process consists of audits lasting several days, which are carried out by independent bodies and the International Air Transport Organization IATA respectively. Quality aspects such as handling standards or temperature-controlled life science and healthcare shipments, external and internal training and risk management are assessed. The specially trained staff must also meet the high quality requirements for handling life science and healthcare products.

"We pursue a quality-oriented strategy with which we maintain the integrity of these sensitive goods throughout the entire transport chain all the way to the patient," says Netka Hohlfeld, Department Head Life Science and Healthcare Logistics. The logistics service provider is gradually having all locations in its global network that are relevant to customers in the pharmaceutical sector certified, so that DACHSER can reliably map global supply chains in this demanding segment with uniform, externally confirmed network competencies.

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