DACHSER Turkey organizes charter flight to Ivory Coast

At the end of last year, the DACHSER Turkey Air & Sea Logistics team operated a charter flight from Turkey to West Africa. For the customer, the focus was on the high urgency of the shipment and DACHSER's solution-oriented approach.

DACHSER Turkey Air & Sea Logistics operated a charter flight from Turkey to West Africa

The assignment for DACHSER was clear: the task was to transport an urgent, high-volume shipment from Turkey to the West African nation of Ivory Coast. Thanks to the energetic cooperation of the DACHSER team in Hamburg, which knew the customer and its needs well, and the teams from DACHSER Turkey, everything was set in motion as requested.

With a quick and solution-oriented approach, DACHSER was able to fulfill the urgent order. This involved a charter flight with a total of 350 pallets, which were picked up by eight trucks at the customer's site in Manisa, Turkey. The Boeing 747-400F took off from Istanbul Airport in late November 2022 and landed in Abidjan, the largest city in the Ivory Coast, on the same day.

Flexibility of the teams

During the loading process, the teams noticed that the packing of around 190 pallets did not fully fit to the requirements. Thanks to the flexibility of the teams, shrink packaging could be provided immediately and everything was loaded on schedule.

This was preceded by successful negotiations with the Turkish cargo airline, which then made the flight to the Ivory Coast possible as requested. The large volume of the shipment and the professionalism of the teams further strengthened the fruitful relationship with the airline and thus laid a good foundation for future projects.

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