DACHSER Mexico Oversees Grupomar’s TUNY Exports to U.S.

Seamless logistics service supports TUNY brand from Monterrey, MX to Laredo, TX

DACHSER Mexico, a subsidiary of leading global logistics provider DACHSER, is excited to announce its collaboration with Grupomar to bring its ‘TUNY’ branded canned tuna products to the United States.

DACHSER Mexico offers end-to-end delivery services
DACHSER Mexico offers end-to-end delivery services

Grupomar is one of Mexico’s leading producers of canned tuna and the company behind TUNY, a prominent canned tuna brand. TUNY was introduced in the 1990s and quickly positioned itself as one of the favorite tuna brands in Mexico.

DACHSER Mexico is managing the export logistics of Grupomar’s TUNY products to the U.S. by providing trucking services from Grupomar’s warehouse in Monterrey, MX to its final destination in Laredo, TX.  

Strengthening supply chains with high-quality services that simplify complex challenges is vital for our customers. DACHSER Mexico’s comprehensive cross-border service provides seamless end-to-end delivery, offering peace of mind to our customers moving cargo from Mexico to the U.S. For Grupomar, our service ensures that their canned tuna shipments are moving swiftly through the supply chain, arriving promptly and safely from Mexico to the United States.

Edgardo Hamon, Managing Director ASL Mexico at DACHSER

In addition to providing cross-border transport services between Mexico and the U.S. for its customer Grupomar, DACHSER Mexico is also handling FCL ocean freight shipments from its port of loading at Manzanillo, MX to various ports of discharge in New York, Los Angeles, San Juan, PR as well as Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica.

 “As our export business grew, the complexities in our supply chain also grew. At Grupomar, we rely on DACHSER Mexico, as our logistics expert, to help us realize these market opportunities in the North American market,” said Mr. Armando Gonzalez, Exports Sales Manager, at Grupomar.  

DACHSER Mexico: Global freight forwarder with regional expertise

As global logistics provider with regional expertise, DACHSER Mexico offers comprehensive services and proven expertise. The advantages of working with DACHSER Mexico include:

  • Flexible Capacity:  Ability to utilize different trucking partners based on customer need; DACHSER Mexico is not bound by previous agreements that do not provide the level of service necessary. It is flexible and customizable based on the customers’ requirements as it relates to volumes, routes, etc
  • Single point of contact:  DACHSER Mexico manages all of the coordination, ensuring the customer has just a single touch point – providing simplicity and transparency.
  • Customs Brokerage services:  DACHSER Mexico’s customs house brokerage services assist customers with all of the customs processing that are required for import into the U.S.
  • Security: DACHSER Mexico selects trusted suppliers that comply with all transportation norms and regulations.
  • Services Portfolio:  Always evolving, DACHSER Mexico’s comprehensive suite of innovative services is tailored to suit changing supply chain requirements.

"At DACHSER Mexico, we are committed addressing supply chain challenges with services that help our customers optimize operational efficiency and grow their businesses," adds Mr. Hamon.

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