A transition planned well in advance

“We didn’t tell people what they should do. We communicated to them a conviction that they should create one of the most renowned networks to span to the globe”

Bernhard Simon and Michael Schilling

For more than 30 years, CEO Bernhard Simon and COO Road Logistics Michael Schilling served on the Executive Board, jointly leading family-owned company DACHSER and turning it into a global logistics player. With the handover of operational responsibility to a new generation and their move to the Supervisory Board, both leaders are seeing the start of a new era. In this interview, they take a look back and a look ahead.

Time to take a look back and a look ahead

The conversation with Bernhard Simon and Michael Schilling is part of the cover story of DACHSER magazine issue 04/20.

DACHSER Magazine 04/20 - Cover story "Dawn of a new era" PDF (8,17 MB)
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