“A high degree of stability and reliability”

Even if concrete forecasts are currently difficult, there is cause for cautious optimism. CEO Burkhard Eling on initial trends and an outlook for 2021.

Burkhard Eling, CEO of DACHSER

DACHSER emerged from 2020 in a strong position. Just over a year ago, when shipment numbers plummeted due to the hard lockdowns in southern Europe, there was no way we could have predicted this positive outcome for the year overall.

A year later, in the first quarter of 2021, the business situation was very different: the volume of shipments in the European groupage network was high. With air freight charters, we can offer our customers our own reliable transport capacity between Asia, Europe, and the US. However, the global uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic are still relevant. They make forecasting difficult this year as well. Nevertheless, we are optimistic of returning to more normal times in the second half of 2021.

Intelligent combinations of supply chains

Supply chains, too, have to a certain extent returned to normal. Based on our experience of the coronavirus, we do see a trend toward more regional structures in some sectors such as healthcare. However, we are not seeing a turn away from globalization, as already predicted. Instead, we are working with our customers to create intelligent combinations of regional and global supply chains that offer a high degree of stability and reliability. This much is certain: these efforts will ensure that we all emerge from 2021 in a strong position.

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