A container security service offered by DACHSER locates stolen container with cargo valued at $500,000

A container security service recently assisted the police in preventing the theft of a container from Port of Callao in Peru with contents valued at more than $500,000. Available throughout Latin America and the US, the container security service offered by DACHSER provides real-time cargo monitoring and data management, which is critical to protecting cargo from theft and damage.

Real-time cargo monitoring and data management
Real-time cargo monitoring and data management

The stolen high-value container was equipped with a container security service by DACHSER, which monitors the container’s condition and offers 24/7 response capability. In this case, when the doors of the container were opened, the system recognized the container was not at the correct location, which triggered an alert to the DACHSER team. The technology allowed the company and the Peruvian police to track and trace the cargo, which prevented the thieves from stealing the contents and ensured the container was back on track toward the original destination.   

The FBI reports that less than 20 percent of stolen containers are ever recovered. Considered a low-risk, high-reward crime, container theft is typically organized by high-level thieves who have an infrastructure in place to quickly move stolen cargo from the container and onto the streets within a few short hours.

We recognize that cargo thieves are very sophisticated, so we need to rely on technology rather than some of the traditional measures to keep the cargo safe. This experience of locating a stolen container has proven the power of our container security service.

Guido Gries, Managing Director, DACHSER Americas

“We are committed to providing our customers with the most leading-edge technology available to protect their cargo. Real-time monitoring not only provides location information, but it also monitors changes within the interior of the container, such as temperature variations, which can impact the integrity of the cargo”, said Mr. Gries.

Real-time cargo monitoring and data management

The container security service offered by DACHSER tracks the location of the cargo in real time from any part of the world. In addition to sending alerts when the doors of the containers are opened without prior authorization, the system also records external light input and variations in temperature, humidity and ventilation levels to ensure the integrity of the cargo is monitored during transit.

“We believe in using the most innovative technology throughout our organization, including our container security service. That said, we recognize the important role our highly trained team plays in providing our customers with unmatched expertise and guidance. The technology provides the service, the team provides the support our customers are looking for,” said Mr. Gries.

Real-time monitoring that combines leading-edge technology and superior customer service is essential for the transportation of goods of all kinds, especially high value goods such as technology, automotive and luxury goods. Theft and damage to cargo impacts the shipper as well as the economy as a whole. To encourage using additional security features such as real-time tracking, insurance rates are discounted.

The real-time information that DACHSER provides its customers benefits the worldwide distribution of cargo and provides the highest level of transparency in the supply chain. It also helps reduce insurance premiums and, more importantly, it can avoid significant delays and unexpected merchandise losses.

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