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Transport security – making quality quantifiable

At DACHSER, the quality assurance of your shipments is a high priority. In order to measure and quantify logistics services in detail, we have installed a comprehensive system for quality assurance and quality management. This is based on numerous evaluations and KPIs, studies, and IT applications, which we use to make the quality of our service transparent. The evaluated data includes the quality of delivery, shipment transit times, possible damage to goods or delivery, obstacles for the recipient, continuous monitoring of the cooling chain.

Systematic target/performance comparisons offer complete transparency

For these criteria, fixed target values apply, which we constantly monitor via deviation analyses. In this way, quality assurance is a fixed process in the daily supply chain. In order to set these key quality indicators, fixed performance criteria must be defined. With our product families entargo, classicline, and vivengo,we have created uniform performance profiles with consistent, high-quality standards on which you, as a customer, can always rely.

This is how we control the quality of our logistics performance

  • A target/performance comparison of several quality parameters based on our standardized product and service offerings
  • The supply chain event management tool Active Report immediately notifies us of possible transport disruptions so that DACHSER employees can take appropriate measures in a timely manner
  • Conscientious securing of cargo
  • Increased road safety through contour markings on the rear and sides of the semi trailers
  • Professional cleaning of vehicles, inside and out
  • Complete temperature monitoring
  • Shipment tracking at package level

Quality control with software standards and databases

The defined service commitments are measured for you with uniform software standards and IT databases. The key element of this central quality control is our supply chain event management system ActiveReport. ActiveReport enables both you and the service departments in our DACHSER branches to obtain timely information about possible transport disruptions through immediate target/performance comparisons in the shipping process.
​For DACHSER Chem Logistics and DACHSER Food Logistics we have established fixed goods-specific requirements that we continuously monitor with IT support.

Load securing on DACHSER trucks

Conscientious load securing on our trucks before the start of the journey is another quality assurance measure. We regularly train our warehouse staff and drivers on how to load the trucks evenly and seamlessly so that the goods are transported safely while driving.